Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shabby Chic Door Hanger

Hello Friends! I decided to work on something different yesterday. A while ago, I had created a wine bottle tag template but I found that if you enlarge the tag on your Sure Cuts a Lot program or other cutting program, you can actually use it as a hanging door sign. If you want the template: CLICK HERE

There was a time when I loved making different SVG files or templates but like everything I do, it became time consuming and rather than creating anything myself, I was working on tutorials and templates. It's fun making them but I need to concentrate on crafting things. When I have the free time, I'll work on tutorials and templates and share them when I have a chance, okay.

Do you have a lot of scrap materials from other projects. . .I have a ton of them. They tend to pile up after a while so I decided to use some of the scrap materials I have and decorate my door hanger with them.

I used my Unity Stamps for the sentiment. I think the sentiment is fitting for a door hanger. I'm going to hang this project on my door so every time I walk in my craft room, I'll have a little reminder. I think I'm going to make a door hanger for my daughter but something more fitting for a college student. She doesn't like pink and cute so I need to design it more edgier . . a little bit more rock and roll. That's more my daughter's style.

To create the shabby chic distressed look. . .I crinkled and mod podged tissue paper on to my door hanger. ..I did not add Mod Podge to the top of the tissue paper, just under to have it stick on to the hanger. I then applied acrylic paint in white and pink. The tissue paper will somewhat rub off a little as you apply the paint but that's a good thing. . .that is what creates the distressed texture. Maybe if I have the time this week, I'll create a tutorial on how to do this. . .:)

To create the skirt, I used a small piece of tulle and lace and gathered them using a sewing machine. . .similar to creating ruffles. It's very simple...if you don't have a sewing machine you could hand stitch it and create the ruffle that way.

The rest of my design is just adding embellishments to the hanger. I think I'll do something different at least once a week. . .I have a tendency to make cards all the time because they're easy for me to create but it'll be fun to do something different weekly just to change things up a bit!

Anyway, that's it for today! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Riet said...

This is so beautiful Maria.

Hugs Riet.xx

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