Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Slouchy Crochet Hats and Fall Beanie

 Hi Friends!  I decided to work on a few more crochet hats.  The beanie above is like the beanie that I posted previously but in fall colors.  I went to Michaels today and bought a few fall colored yarns.  With this hat, I used acrylic yarn.  I'll work on a few more fall colored crochet hats this week and maybe start on a few Christmas colored ones soon.

The stitching are double stitch and single stitch primarily.

 The next two crochet hats are slouchy hats using Pure Merino Wool.  I love the feel of this yarn.  The yarn is pretty pricey but so worth it.  It's light weight but it'll still keep your head warm.  The hat above was created using puff stitches to part of the hat.

This one looks like the hat above but the stitches are different.  

 As you can see it's not puff stitches like the blue one above or the one that my daughter is modeling below.

 Sometimes it's hard to see how a hat looks on a real person. . .so that's where my daughter comes in handy.  Thank goodness I have her head to model my hats.  LOL!

Anyway, just to let you know, I listed the 3 hats above on Etsy in the case you'd be insterested in purchasing them.  I'll be making more hats and listing them soon.  Thanks for stopping by my blog!!  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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whirling dervish said...

The puff stitch hats you crocheted from Crafty Pants Blog do not give head size information. Nor does Crafty Pants. After a great deal of reading Crafty Pants said her head was very small. How are you sizing your hats? Thank you.

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