Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Non-holiday Cards

Hi Friends!!  The cards I'm posting today are actually cards I made last month but didn't share with ya' all!  These are actually the first cards I made after a long hiatus so I was a little rusty in the coloring category.

 This CC design image is so darn cute!  It's a perfect "girlfriend" image!

I actually colored the image over a year ago.  There was a time when I stock piled a bunch of images that I colored and used later for cards.  I still have quite a few that I colored and are still waiting to be used.  I'm slowly getting around to using them.

 This is another CC Design image that is perfect for a "girlfriend" card.

 This is the first time for me to use this Unity Stamps image.  I love this image!  It's a fun birthday cake image.
 The only purchase I made this year is the Nestabilities die.  Other than the die purchase, I really haven't shopped for anything new.  I have way too many craft stuff already.  Because my focus is to sell my cards, it's not really necessary to buy the latest or trendy tools and materials.  I think when your audience is more to show your work to other crafters there is a tendency to want to buy the latest craft materials but if your audience are customers, most have no idea what the latest trends are.  All they care about is purchasing a well crafted card using quality materials.  That's my opinion anyway. . .

I still have a lot of seam bindings that I had dyed a while ago so I was trying to focus on using them. 
I again used a Unity Stamps image . . .as in the birthday cake image, my first time to ink this one too!

Nothing much else to say about this card.

Another one of my focuses. . .I seem to have quite a few. . .is to use my Stampin Up Wheels.  I have a bunch of wheels that I haven't used for years.  I stored them in a container and had put them in the garage.  They finally saw the light of day after I moved into my new place.  I do have a lot of them and what a waste not to have used them so I'm going to start inking them up.  The song notes image going across is a Stampin Up wheel image.

The rest of the images are by Unity Stamps.  I was a Kit of the Month subscriber at one point and believe it or not, my package of rubber stamps would arrive at my doorstep and I would automatically throw them on a pile of rubber stamps.  I had so many rubber stamps that I didn't even bother to open the package because I knew I didn't have the time to use them all.  After awhile I began to realize how silly I was so I cancelled my subscription.    I can't believe how gluttonous I was with buying craft stuff.  I now find it so ridiculous and so wasteful.  To relieve my guilt, I've stopped buying things and to actually start using what I already have.  

Anyway, that's all for today!  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you for stopping by my blog! 

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Riet said...

What a wonderful cards Maria.

Hugs Riet.xx

Sue from Oregon said...

Holy Toledo-you have been stamping up a storm...all grand creations Maria!

Rosa said...

Hi , Maria , I fully agree with your opinion to making beautyfull quality cards with what you alredy own, I love your cards even more for that reason !

Hugs, Rosa

Tonniece said...

Great cards M. Love them all

Eileen said...

Maria, I always love seeing your beautiful creations. You are *so* talented! Thanks so much for sharing!
Hope this is helping you to heal as much as the pleasure that you give me in seeing your treasures.

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