Friday, January 4, 2008

RAK Address Roll

Hi Everybody! One my resolutions this year is to send out RAKs randomly to anyone at least several times a month. If you could send me your mailing address, email me at perhaps you'll be one of those that I'll be sending a RAK to. On your email subject, please fill in with "Blogger Address". Please . . .this is important because I will be filtering the emails into a "Blogger Address" folder. If you don't write it in the subject, I may miss your message.

P.S. Please include your blog link or address in the message.



Linda said...

Your cards are absolutely awesome and I would feel I had won the most wonderful prize if I actually get one of your cards.
thanks so much for the opportunity!
I did send you my mailing address.
Linda Peterson

Claudia said...

hi maria,
i would love to recieve a card from you.

it would also be nice if you could link my new blog onto yours? check it out if you like it and maybe you think it is okay ?! smile


Dawn Easton said...

Hi Maria!

I emailed you and also requested your address so I can send RAKS as well!

Kay said...

Hi- I would LOVE to receive one of your wonderful cards!I emailed my address to you and would like to get your address as well! Hugs Kay (

CreativeJeaux said...

Thanks Maria! What a great idea! I hope my blog is as cool as yours someday...

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