Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Close To My Heart Friendship's Flight

Good Morning Everyone! I decided to add a little more detail to my card today. I mean not much but more than I've been doing lately! Anyway. . .I added a little bit of Stickles and dots using Sakura Souffle Opaque pen. This card almost ended up in disaster. . .I had applied the stickles and it was still wet. . .I stood my card up and it fell forward. I was like "NOOOOOOO!!" LOL! Luckily, the Stickles did not smear on my card. Let me tell ya', if it did, I would have had a melt down because I was done with the card. Did that ever happen to you? I've had on many occasion messed up my finished card by accidentally laying it on my opened stamp pad and smeared ink all over it, accidentally cut a part of the card by accident, smear my glitter, etc. etc. Don't you just hate that!!

Hey, do any of you watch the "View". Okay. . .this is my opinion so don't get upset. I can't stand "Elizabeth". She annoys me whenever she talks politics. She's so narrow minded and hypocritical! I mean, she reminds of an out of control preacher. . .I really can't take her seriously when she gets all bugged eyed when she wants to argue her point. Everyone else are diplomatic but she attacks like a pit-bull on steroids. I don't think she actually believes in half the things she says. . .she contradicts herself all the time.

She needs to take a chill-pill and be less emotional about her views. Whenever she starts on her tirade, I walk away or change the channel and return when I feel she's done ranting! When Rosie O'Donnell was on the show, I did have a bit of sympathy for her and I just thought that Rosie rubbed her the wrong way. I thought she would get defensive because Rosie seem to be bullying her. I've come to realize that Elizabeth is just as much of a bully but Rosie had a bigger bite and now that Rosie isn't there, Elizabeth is still the same despite the fact that no one is attacking her.

For the Elizabeth fans. . .don't bite me okay. LOL! It's just my own personal opinion. Honestly, if I knew someone who was like her and was sitting in front of me, I would probably tune her out or would love to tell her to "shut up"! LOL!

Anyway, just my two cents.

Card Details:

Stamps: CTMH Friendship's Flight
Paper: Not sure
Ink: Copic Markers, CTMH Watermelon
Accessories: SU Scallop punch, Stickles Glitter, Fiskar scallop scissors, Coluzzle cutting system, Making Memories daisy brads, Sakura Souffle Opaque pen, 1", 1 1/4", and 1 3/8" circle punch

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sandie994 said...

I have to agree with you 100% about Elizabeth! She ruins the show for me. I often tape the show so I can fast forward when she "starts".

Flossie's Follies said...

I am glad your card did not get messed up as it is great, love that layout. I tape the VIEW and watch, I just look at Elisabeth and think "young" only yound people see the world as black and white, sure she will mellow with age.

Sankari W. said...

Love the layout for the card - so innovative. I totally know what you mean about almost messing up at the end.... I had the same thing happen with the stickles - luckily the card was still okay. and i have to agree with you about the View... totally agree!

Best wishes,

Rita said...

I luv your card beautiful colors & sparkle!

I totally agree with you about Elisabeth, so annoying & I hate it when she interrupts a guest & I never get to hear what that guest was going to say 'cause big mouth talked too much, ugh!!! Her politics are so unrealistic & nieve, I used to chalk it up to her age, but not anymore. I can tell that at times Whoopie gets disgusted with her interuptions all the time& rolls her eyes, I think its getting worse instead of better. I wouldn't mind if she left! Can you tell you opened a can of worms for me here on this subject.

2 Worlds said...

Wow I thought was just me , I'm glad to see other people dont like her, and the way she blindly defends the replubican party is annoyong to me.
Many people stop to watch that show because of her, and when Rose left she thinks now she is something.

savitri said...

This is a beautiful card. LOVE the sketch and the sample is oh so lovely!

malieta said...

I love your card Maria, the bling and the colors are just beautiful! Yes..I have had some awful "boo-boo's" that only happen when you are finished with the card.*grrrr and few choice words* hehe
I don't know what happened to Elizabeth. When she was on Survivor, she was so sweet etc. Maybe her success has gone to her head?! Just my opinion:)

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