Saturday, June 7, 2008

Too Funny Post. . .Check it Out!!

Guess what I was doing ALL Day? Cleaning out my garage! My gaaaaaaaawwwd, it's a total disaster in there but wow, I did get a lot done! More than I expected. My intention was to clear out one container but I kept going and going and I actually cleared out 4 containers!! AWESOME.

Anyway, that wasn't the funny post. . .

I decided after working all day to surf the different blog sites for entertainment and just read what everyone is writing on their blogs. . . .well, I came across Paperlicious's blog site after clicking and clicking different links on different blog sites.

Well, I saw her post title and decided to read it and I thought it was just soooooooo HILARIOUS!! I wanted to share it with you. . .I think you're going to crack up reading it: Click Here

After reading it, don't tell me that you didn't think it was amusing, even hilarious . . .actually, unless. . .well, if you take it too seriously, you may be offended! LOL! Laugh, I think the post was meant to be funny.

Oh, here is a few more. . .thought these were funny too: Click Here , Click Here and Here

They are all from Paperlicious's blog site. She has a section her on blog site called: Dear Paperlicious

Her posts make me laugh!

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Linda said...

Thanks for the links. Those were hillarious. Did you read this one?

ScrapMomOf2 said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Joan B said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence! My Dear Paperlicious posts are meant to be funny. Sometimes they are kind of lame, but they are meant to poke fun at me!! You are kind to mention them. Now, off to look at your cards@@@

malieta said...

Thank you for sharing Maria, Joan is so funny at times!

~Michelle~ said...

thanks for reminding me of Paperlicious....when I switched computers she got left behind! Back into my favorites!!

Good luck on the garage project....I need to have a basement project...but my blog break would probably be a month long!! LOL!

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