Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Crochet Projects for September

Hello Friends!!! I know my blog is a paper-crafting blog but I wanted to share some of the crochet projects I worked on this month. I started crocheting about 3 months ago and have been learning quite a lot. I primarily taught myself with the help of YouTube tutorials! LOL! If you want to learn to crochet. . .Teresa of "The Art of Crochet" has wonderful video tutorials. I learned everything from her videos.

After following Teresa's video tutorials, I now know how to read "written" tutorials and instructions. Prior to watching the videos, I tried reading books and was totally CLUELESS! I could not understand anything written. Unfortunately, most crochet patterns online or in magazines are in written form. But. . .now that I can follow written instructions, it opened my crochet world to all sorts of fun projects. Don't be intimidated. . .it's difficult at first but once you learn a few stitches, it's amazing what fun projects you can create.

I recently joined a crochet/knitting group. They're really nice and they've helped me understand a little bit about the different yarns and what yarns to use with what projects. I was very clueless about yarn types but I think I'm getting the hang of it! LOL!

I'm going to briefly describe the projects I created. I'm not a pro at this so I can't really write about what I did. . .I just followed the instructions. Before I begin, I want to thank my daughter for being a trooper and modeling my crochet projects.

The first cap above is a simple beret. I followed Teresa's instructions: Click Here My daughter don't like the beret pulled forward so it doesn't look like the picture on Teresa's blog but it's the same type of beret.

This is a V-stitch beanie. Again, I followed Teresa's instructions: Click Here I used a thicker yarn than on Teresa's blog so it looks a little different.

This is the same stitch as above. . .a V-stitch Beanie but I added fun fur to the brim.

This is the same beret as the first photo but I used two different colored yarns.

This is the same beret as the first picture but I used a 4 ply worsted yarn. With the first beret (first picture), I used Bernat Satin yarn so the stitch are smaller. With this one, I used a thicker yarn so it looks a bit bulkier.

I got the pattern for this mini drawstring bag from a crochet leaflet. . .I have the mag downstairs so I can't give you the name of the magazine but here's a great site for crochet bags and tote patterns: Click Here

This child's hat is called "Little Flower Cap". . .for the pattern: Click Here I actually mixed two different yarns for the cap to give it the mixed colored appearance.

This is the same cap but with this one, I used cotton yarn by Peaches N Creme. According to my crochet group, I used the wrong type of yarn but I like how it turned out anyway. It's cotton so it's very wash and wear. You can throw it in the washing machine rather than hand washing it so it's really kid friendly.

I used a metallic type of yarn for this scarf. It's lightweight so it's good for night wear but not to keep you warm. I used a galaxy star stitch pattern. Unfortunately, I'm not very smart because I didn't save the pattern's online link and now, I don't know where I got the pattern.

Anyway. . .that's it with my crochet stuff! LOL! I hope you don't mind my posting my crochet projects considering this is a paper crafting blog. I really don't want to start a separate blog for my crochet stuff. I don't know. . .maybe some time in the future but I want to maintain one blog for now.

Hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Maria, I have enjoyed your blog comments and love that you are expanding your horizons and trying out different craft mediums. It inspires me to try something different - crafters love a challenge. You do a great job both in paper and crochet projects. I appreciate your willingness to share.

Lilacanglia said...

These are brilliant,
I to learnt from Teresa on utube not long ago,
love your work,

Linda Peterson said...

I am very impressed at what you have made. I love to crochet and knit.

Tracy.H said...

Great job, Maria!! You have to start your own crochet blog now. ;0)

I have my own now too...check it out if you like. :0)

Linda F said...

Maria, Thanks for sharing. You must be a quick learner. Your cute daughter always makes a good model for your work.

Angie Blom said...

Maria I am new to your blog.. and I am blown away.. you are one talented person. I love these hats..I have my crochet needles and I want to learn how to do this.. so I will be checking out the videos you suggested. Thanks.. I love all you cards too.. I have alot of questions for you about the cricut machine.. can I contact you? thanks for sharing!!

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