Friday, February 18, 2011

Embellished Pin Cushions

Hello Friends!! Gosh, I've been sick the past few days. . .it started on Monday and progressively got worse. Today is the first day that I'm in the mood to get on my computer and stop by my Facebook account. If I'm not on Facebook, usually something isn't right! LOL! I'm either sick, away on a trip, depressed or dead. No kidding! I'm a Facebook addict, I tell ya'!

Anyway, I worked on a few pin cushions the past few days starting last week. I decided to post them all at once rather one at a time as I make them. I don't think you want to see a daily posting of pin cushions! ***update*** I posted similar pin cushions a few weeks ago with the link to the tutorial when I first made them but here is the tutorial for those who are interested in making them! Have fun: Click Here

But I have a plan! I'm going to make all sorts of pin cushions! Different shapes, colors, designs! I have a lot of different ideas on what I want to make.

I won't go into the details of each of the pin cushions because they're all basically the same but using different fabrics and embellishments. The bottom is made of felt and the top with fabric. I should make them reversible. .. so it can be used on both ends. Maybe I'll decorate the bottom with buttons.

The embellishment on this one is basically sewing beads and silky prima flower

The same with these but they're pink

A pink one with prima flower and beading

The heart one is with an applique and ric rac

I made the ribbon rose myself. I posted the tutorial some time last week. I'll add the link later. I have to run. . .gotta drop my daughter off to the bus stop for school.

Anyway. . .I'll add the link to the rose tutorial later. I need to look for the link. Hope you all have a fabulous day!


Eva said...

Maria, these are GOOOORGEOUS!!!! May I lift these cushion ideas??? OMG!!! I just adore every single one of them! OF course I need to find out how to make them....LOL Thanks for sharing you amazing creativity!

Margaret de Witt said...

Oh my goodness - I love these - they are all so colourful and pretty and frilly - I would love the instructions on how to make these (I saw it on someone's blog but can't find it again) thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures.

Rita said...

Wow, Maria...these are Gorgeous & such a great gift idea! Right up my alley...pretty & frilly & oh so girly...I love them! Thanks for sharing.

Hope your feeling better. Hugs Rita

Carmen said...

These are really adorable Maria! I love them all. Think I'll check out the tut! Thanks!

pescbrico said...

Maria they are gorgeous! I have never seen any that were as beautiful before! Very well done! Have a wonderful day!

Marylène said...

Elles sont absolument adorables ces pelotes à épingles.
Bravo très beau travail.
Merci pour le tuto.
Bonne journée

Diane said...

Oh Maria,no matter what you create,
It's always so beautiful! Love these!

Lynda Benden said...

Oh my gosh Maria, these are just amazing! The flower centers and pearls are fantastic!

Joanne (jojot) said...

absolutely stunning....saving post for some future 'play' tfs

Sudha said...

Lovely creation n so artistic n creative.


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