Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Daily Special - Sketch Challenge

Today's Daily Special is Sketch Challenge. Actually, everyday is Sketch Challenge day because I've decided to do a sketch for every card I post. All the sketch challenge I post is my own unless otherwise stated - although I may unknowingly create a sketch that someone else may have already created. There's only so many ways to layout a design.

This sketch is a sketch I created on my Card Inspired Blog site but I used a non-Stampin up stamp to create the card, therefore, could not post it on to this site. I wanted to use the same sketch to post on to this site so I used the same layout. Check out my Card Inspired Blog Site to view the card I created using this same sketch. I modified the two strips on the right of the sketch and tied a bow at center although still following the sketch layout.

When looking at sketches, the sketch is just a basic layout and embellishment of the sketches are encouraged as long as the original sketch remains intact. By tying the bow at the center, the original layout remains the same but adding an element so the layout looks different is how sketches should be used. You can create countless cards that look very different from one another and still use the same layout.

Try it out when you have a chance. I'll add the card details when I have the time.

Until later. . .

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