Saturday, August 11, 2007

Monthly Special - Sketch Challenge Compiled

Hi Everyone! I finally did it! I finally compiled my sketches for May, June and July. Everyone clap your hands!! I've been seriously slackin' as far as compiling the sketches monthly. The last one I did was in April and a few people have asked what had happened to my monthly compiled sketch challenges. Call it laziness. .. . . Actually, it was more like burn-out on my part but they're back. Remind me to not sit on it for this long again, okay. It takes forever to put 3 months together all at one sitting.

For those of new to my blog site or for those who don't know what the heck I'm talking about. . .well, each month I compile all the sketches I've done as well as samples that goes with the sketches on one page. . . .similar to page map.Anyway, here they are. . .I'll also list Jan/Feb, March and April.

June/July Sketch Challenges

May Sketch Challenges

April Sketch Challenges

March Sketch Challenges

Jan/February Sketch Challenges

Happy Stampin' Everyone!!


StampOwl said...

thanks for compiling your sketches - I love seeing them all together.

Barb g said...

Thanks Maria...I love the complilation of the sketches...this is totally amazing when you see them altogether.

Barb g

Trish Myers said...


It's great to see the sketches with a completed card beside them. Love your work. Thanks for posting them.


Tracy said...

What a beautiful job you have done! You are very creative. I find many of these layouts inspirational (so I'd better get hoppin' on my projects!!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, not to mention the inspiration!!


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