Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TIC Day #8 - Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge - "Tag-A-Long"

Hi Everyone!! Okay. . .I came up with an EASY challenge! I think my past challenges were a bit too challenging at times and I decided to make this week's one a useful one as well as easy.

Because I've been making Christmas cards with a matching tag for the past few days, it prompted me to turn it into a challenge. Why? Well, my challenges for y'all is also a personal challenge.

I need to make more of these cards with matching tags, especially in preparation for Christmas and the holidays. Many times when we give a card to someone, it's usually accompanied with a gift and if there's a gift, you need a tag. . .right? Well, this is a great opportunity to create a card with a matching tag.

To be honest, I come up with challenges that I want to participate in. I know. . .I can be pretty self-centered. . .:) so with that said, this week's TIC Day #8 is titled "Tag-a-long"

Here are the rules:

1. Make a card of any design or theme. It don't have to be a Christmas card. It can be a birthday card, baby card, whatever. . .

2. Create a tag that matches the card.

3. The tag has to have the same elements as the card. No new elements can be added to the tag that the card don't have. You don't have to use all the elements of the card but you just can't add any additional elements to the tag. Got it? For example, you must use the same colors, papers, materials, ribbons, whatever that the card has. You can't add additional embellishments, color combo, techniques, etc. to the tag. The point is the tag has to match the card.

5. The only added element that can be used on the tag that the card does not have are the words (TO: and From:).

6. Card and tag can be of any size or shape.

7. Card and tag don't need to be rubber stamped. You may paper craft, draw, add embellishments, paper piece whatever you want to do is acceptable.

You may send your submission as one picture with the card and tag together as shown to the right or send 2 pictures - the card and the tag. as shown in my other samples.

Please email your submission to me at lbmcd66@hotmail.com or comment on this post with your blog address. Please include your blog address or gallery so I can add the link to your website.

Last day of submission is on Sunday. Cards made with Stampin Up images will be posted on my Stampin Inspirations blog site and all others will be posted on Card Inspired.

The challenge will be posted on both of my blog sites. I will be giving out a small prize and a winner will be randomly chosen on Monday.

Okay, everyone. . .this challenge is easy so I am expecting you to participate! Most of all, HAVE FUN!!


Beth said...

Wonderful challenge. I'll get right on it!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Another great challenge Maria... was perfect for today's post... Love your embossed cards... TFS!

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