Thursday, October 11, 2007

All My Tutorials Are Currently Disabled

I have a new domain for my tutorials but I'm going to need a few days to update the links. I'll let y'all know when they can be viewed. In the meantime, I'll keep this post at the top. For new daily posts, please scroll down.

Hi Everyone! Currently all my tutorials are disabled because I need to change the domain of the website that contains all my tutorials so if you have any of my tutorials on your favorites or links, I apologize but none of them will no longer link to my tutorials. I'll let y'all know when I'm able to activate a new domain and will change the links to the current domain.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Trust me. . .it's annoying to me too. I'll explain what happened when I'm no longer pissed off about it.


Ret said...

haaaaaaaaa Maria, you just totally made my day. hehe I had just gotten up, rushed DH off to work with his lunch in tow and was sleepily reading your post. In between yawns and sleep eyes I read
"when I'm no longer pissed off about it" hehe you made me chuckle so much!!! As a loyal reader of your blog, you totally caught me off guard & I loved it!!! thanks for waking me up!!! hehe
hope today goes especially well for you :)

Beth said...

Like Ret, I chuckled at "...pissed off." This doesn't sound like a good thing, and I'm so sorry for your aggravation. You have one motherload of tutorials to switch over--yikes. Have you heard of Trish from Trish Bee? Her total site went down on her without any warning. She, and many others, paid for their server a few years in advance, and the stinkers took off with the money and didn't give the service. Thankfully, Trish convinced the powers that be, that she needed 48 hours to download what she could from that now-closed site. Unfortunately, the new site she started doesn't have even half of the tutorials she put together. I depended on her tutorials for my blog, and now have only a select few to chose from. Computers are a blessing, but can be our own worst enemy. Hugs to you for your problems.

Jen said...

Hey Girl... sorry to hear about this - I know you are pissed, it's so frustrating when this kinda stuffs happen. But just breath.... hang in there.


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