Friday, October 12, 2007

Whoohoo! My Domain is Up and Running! Compiled Sketches Updated

Hey Everyone! My domain is finally up and running! Whoohoo! What does it mean? Well, all my tutorials are now on the new domain. All I need to to do is link ALL of my tutorials on both blog sites to the new domain. I will have to do this slowly because well, it'll take quite some time to go through all of my posts and see which ones have links to tutorials. It'll be a daunting task and I'll be so glad when I'm done.

Did you know that it took a total of 48 hours straight to upload all of the contents of my tutorials and compiled sketches? Gosh, my computer was working overtime. I couldn't really comment on anyone's blog sites for 2 days because it would slow the upload of the pictures on to the website.

The pictures from my compiled sketches is what took forever to upload. I think my computer had to upload over 2oo pictures. My computer worked hard. . .luckily I have a fast computer.

Anyway, just as a starter. . .if you have any of my compiled sketches on your favorites, please change the links to the new URLs. Click on each month and save the URL on to your favorites and remove the old links. The old URLs no longer work.

January/February Sketches
March Sketches
April Sketches
May Sketches
June/July Sketches

I still need to compile August and September. I'll try to finish it by Sunday!


Phyllis said...

Maria, you are amazing! THanks so much for all your hard work. You blogs are truly an inspiration and i have BOTH of them subscribed to my Google Reader! Keep up the great work.

Beth said...

Ouch. You poor gal for going through so much trouble. Thank you. Because you are doing this for us, I am anxious to relook at your tutorials and get busy with them.

Tracy.H said...

Wow! You have been a busy girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Your sketches are awesome and I've fave'd each one and I have some of your tutes too. It's so kind of you to do this for us. You need to do a "tip jar".

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