Monday, May 26, 2008

10 Minute Card and a Few Pictures - Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!! What are you guys doing for Memorial Day? Well, we decided to stay home and BBQ! Yay! I love BBQing. . .it's much more fun than eating out! I made this card last night. . .it was a 10 minute card because it took 10 minutes to make. This card is seriously simple. . .I just wasn't in the mood to make a more "dressed" up card. Sometimes going simple is nice and way easier!!

The paper is a scrap piece I had in my scrap pile. . .I believe it's a paper by DejaView, the prima flowers are also by Dejaview and Prima. . .the "thank you" sentiment is a clear stamp by Heidi Grace. The cardstock is by SU. . .not sure what the colors are. . .they are also from my scrap pile. . . .I believe it's either Bravo Burgundy or Cranberry Crisp and the other cardstock is by Serendipity.

I had posted on Card Inspired that my husband got me a Canon Rebel XTi for Mother's Day and I've been playing around with the camera. I LOVE this camera! I'm a serious amateur when it comes to photography but I just love how the pictures come out using this camera. I wanted to share a few pictures that I took yesterday!

Here is a picture of my daughter at the South Coast winery that we ate at yesterday! We decided to spend the Memorial Day weekend driving through the wineries in Temecula and stopped by at the South Coast Winery for lunch. Yum! I ate a Pan Seared Halibut for lunch and ate a Seared Ahi as an appetizer. Only after I ate my food that I thought of taking a picture of my yummy food. Oh, well! Next time!!

By the way, the wineries in Temecula is located right at the back side of my neighborhood. It looks a lot different on the back side! LOL!

Here is another picture of the winery that we ate lunch at! It was fun! Temecula has at least 20 wineries! Too bad I don't drink wine. . .otherwise, this would be heaven to me. LOL!
Hey, if ever you decide to visit the San Diego side of California, be sure to stop by the wineries in Temecula on your way to San Diego!

Just a picture of my neighborhood. Ahhhhh, typical Southern California neighborhood. . .big houses all squeezed in next to one another!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Today, the weather is lousy!!
Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!!

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Flossie's Follies said...

Great cards, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

Tracy.H said...

These are great pics, Maria! Keep em comin'!! ;0)

Rita said...

Love your card! Isn't it amazing how much a simple card can make us so happy, sometimes I think I like these simple ones the most.

Luv these pictures, it's so beautiful there. My niece lives outside of San Diego & I've been there only once years ago! Need to do it again sometime.

Diane said...

I wish my 20 mins cards looked liked that,lol,it's beautiful Maria!

Those pics are gorgeous too! TFS!

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

you are so good at using up your scraps. i have been trying to dig into that pile... instead gave a bunch to my SIL to use. She went through that pile like water!!! what is it?! am I too picky?!?! AHHH!!!! Love your card, it's pretty. Love your photos... such a gorgeous neighborhood. The winery.... WOW... I'll not only visit the Winery if I'm in town - girlfriend, I'd be calling you up and making sure we have a BBQ!!!! LOL!!

Glad to hear you and your family had an awesome Memorial Day.

Big Hugs,

Ila said...

Beautiful card and Wonderful Photos!!...what a lovely place. My hubby and I both love would have needed a ride home...Haahaa

Beth Norman said...

I love this card!! The bg paper is awesome, and I love the real flower.

Dawn Easton said...

Fantastic card Maria! TFS your the blue skies! LOL my husband gave me a Rebel for Mother's Day last year and I LOVE's a little big and heavy to take out and about but it takes the BEST pictures! Have fun with it!

malieta said...

Your pictures are beautiful Maria!
I would love to live in that area, the homes are "to die for"!! I'm a big sucker for beautiful homes and beautiful scenery. Don't get me wrong, we have beautiful here in Michigan, but the wineries and the luscious views are too beautiful for words.
If I had my way, I would live in either California, Arizona or Hawaii

CaliChris said...

I have read your blog for awhile now...LOVE IT! You put great effort in to it! I have been offline for awhile, but clicked on your site today first time back in weeks! So what do I see, live in my neighborhood!I just moved from Crowne Hill to Menufee! Howdy neighbor!

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