Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rub On and Acrylic Photo Frame

Hi Everyone! I usually post my non-stamping projects on Card Inspired but I haven't posted an "anything but cards" project on this blog site for a long time so I decided to post this project here instead of Card Inspired. I stopped by our local Goodwill and found a bunch of craft items that I could alter and this 5x7 photo frame was new and still wrapped and it was cheap so I bought it so I could alter it and not feel bad if I messed up! LOL!

I love to buy "used" items to alter because I don't like to alter new stuff. It really doesn't make sense to alter something that is pretty to begin with. Anyhow, buying from Goodwill goes to a good cause so why not, right?

You can't really see the flower swirl rub on that I stuck on to the clear acrylic photo frame but you can see it better in person. I used the Stampin Up Love & Happiness rub on that was part of the Sell-a-bration promotion in February.

Project Tip:

Just a note. . .when using rub-ons on to acrylic. . .it will stick INSTANTLY. Be sure that once you lay it on the acrylic, it's where you REALLY want it. I had placed the rub-on on the frame just to see where I want to place it and as soon as I laid it down, it stuck and it wasn't exactly where I wanted it. Arrrgh!!!

I tried to move it to adjust it and nope, part of the image was stuck. I had to go over a part of the image with a black permanent pen to "fix" where it had peeled off. It worked out in the end but remember to keep the wax backing attached while positioning it so the rub on don't accidentally stick to an area that you don't want.

The picture are of my kids when we were still living in Hawaii.

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Learn to Stamp and Scrap with Lynn said...

Very nice project. I love the use of rubons on things other than cards and scrapbook pages. I really like that idea.


malieta said...

Very cute (frame & kids) and thank you for sharing that tip about the rub-ons!

Ila said...

Fabulous frame...and lovely photo!!
I haven't used rubons yet...but I have some...thanks for the tip.

specialcraftmom4 said...

That is a very pretty project. How nice to have lived in Hawaii!!!!
I also love to look for items to alter from the GOODWILL (: Now that summer is almost here I can check out our local Garage Sales too.

Darlene L said...

Love the frame and the photo! TFS another great project and the tip. I have not tried the rub ons yet, it's on the long list of things to do. darlene

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