Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beautiful RAKs from Beautiful People

Hi Everyone!! Oh my. . .look what I received!! Happy mail from two talented and wonderful ladies. . .Mel of "Mel Stampz" and Malieta of "Life's Simple Pleasures"! Wow!! I am so lucky to have met such wonderful ladies through blog land!

The picture above is a RAK of a whole bunch of RAK that I received from Mel. Oh my goodness! I was so shocked when I opened the package because wow!! there were so many awesome stuff inside!

Mel have become my "creative muse". I mean, seriously! I visit her blog site daily and I cannot begin to tell you how inspired I've become . She comes up with so many creative ideas using various materials that other stampers don't use. In the past year, I've been sort of in a creative rut. I've become lazy and through time have had less and less interest in trying out new techniques and come up with new ideas for projects.

Since being a regular blog reader of "Mel Stampz", well. . .Mel's work has rejuvenated my interest in technique driven card creations. I've become more interested in using art mediums to my work and to step outside of the "stamping" world and incorporate a bit of the artistic aspect to this art.

As you can see by the stuff I received from Mel, it's no wonder that her work is so inspiring!! This mini purse is covered with beads! Whoa!! It's awesome! Surprisingly, the beads are adhered really well on to the the cardstock!!! I need to ask her what type of glue she uses because not one bead fell off so far!! LOL!! This mini purse is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Okay, the picture of this card don't do justice to the card. In real life the colors are more vibrant and just a beautiful card.

I just love the unique card jacket. If you visit her blog site, she has so many different and unique ideas that you'll be spending a lot of time going through all her tutorials and links that she provides.

Again, I need to find out what type of glue she uses because those buttons are seriously adhered to the cardstock!

This is the card inside of the jacket! It is so pretty . You can't see it but the colored images have pretty sparkles. The card has so many different details such as the mini beads on the flowers, the negative punched flowers, the unique ribbon tie. . .everything so creatively detailed. It's such a beautifully gorgeous card!

Last but not least, this is the gift she gave me! WOW!!! Sooooooooooo much goodies!!! My daughter said "wow, mom, she really gave you a lot of stuff!!" Okay, she was not kidding! LOL!

Oh, Mel you are too generous! I couldn't believe all the stuff you had sent me. It must have cost you a bundle! Thank you so much for your generosity! I will definitely use the goodies you sent me. I really love all of them, especially the handmade embossed paper that you created. It's really awesome to see the actual stuff that you show on your blog. It's more gorgeous in person. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the stuff you sent me. Again, thank you for being so kind!!

This is a RAK I received from Malieta of Life's Simple Pleasures. Like Mel, I met her in blogland! Malieta is also a very inspiring artist! She is not only a creative artist, she is a very sweet and wonderful person. Since I've known her, she has been such a giving person. I've received several RAKs from her since we've met!

Furthermore, not only is she a kind person, her card creations are BEAUTIFUL as you can see by the card she sent me. I love how she colors with Copic Markers. Her coloring with this medium is one of the best in blog land. You definitely need to visit her blog site to truly understand what I am talking about!!

Thank you so much Malieta for always being thoughtful and for becoming such a wonderful friend!! I appreciate your beautiful card. . .it definitely put a happy smile on my face!!

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Diane said...

Oh my goodness Maria,it's like winning the lottery! I'm so happy for you,enjoy all your goodies!

Sankari W. said...

WOW!!! Now that is like celebrating Christmas in July!!! You deserve 100's of RAKs everyday!! you are so awesome and I gave you a BFF card (Blogging Friends Forever) on my blog!

Hope you are doing well after the earthquake shock! How is your room coming along? We are off to Minnesota in 2 hours (I need to be packing - but blogging is so much more fun :) Can't wait to see the pics!

Much love from Iowa,

Mel M. M. M. said...

Maria you are WAY too sweet. You sure know how to make a girl feel great! BLUSH! Thanks for your sweet words! I'd love to send you a rak everyday; you're an angel and a supreme inspiration to me ALL of the time. Speaking of RAKs, I am in mad love with Malieta's card. How stunning! That sweet little teapot and cup the colours, the amazing layout. Though I'm not surprised. Her work blows me away too! :0)

malieta said...

Hey Maria!
What an amazing RAK and gifts!!! I think that bead purse Mel made is the cutest and I love her card too!
And..look at all the goodies she sent as well! This just goes to show how much we love you girl!
Take care and have a blessed evening.
I'm glad you like you card:)

~Michelle~ said...

WHOOT for a great mail day!!! Fun for you!!! :)

Rita said...

Awesome RAK's Maria & those cards are so beautiful! What a fantastic beaded purse! I luv how Malieta added pearls & a charm to her card, she always gives her cards that little extra touch.

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