Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jen's Little C's Weekly Challenge #2 and Sneak Peek of My Craft Room

Hi Everyone! Am I back? Not really. . .I'm still in the process of putting my craft room back together but I did take time off from my cleaning for Jen's Little C's Weekly Challenge #2!! I also wanted to announce that I'm part of Jen's design team for her online store "Little C's Stamps n' Things". Whoohoo! A link to her store is also located on my left sidebar!!

I have to commend Jen for taking on the challenge of opening her own store. She's a regular gal, like the rest of us. Although I know Jen is special, what I mean by "regular gal" is that she didn't start off designing for a big stamp or scrapbook company and decided to branch off on her own. She is a stamper, a blogging gal, you know. . .like us and she decided to take the chance and open up her own online store!! Yipee!!!!!!

Okay. . .we gotta support gals like Jen because if she is successful, it opens the door for others. . .like you who may want to one day do something similar. Furthermore, it gives us more shopping options and who doesn't need more options, right?!! So be sure to stop by her store and check out her fabulous products!!

Oh, my gosh. . .we just had an EARTHQUAKE! I just returned from running out of the house!! We had two large tremors right when I was typing this post. My room started shaking in my craft room and I immediately knew it was an earthquake. The house felt like a huge truck hit the house!!

Wow, I just heard on the news that there was a magnitude 5.8 earthquake near Chino Hills near LA! Okay, if we felt it here in Temecula, that was a HUGE EARTHQUAKE!!! Temecula is close to 100 miles from Chino Hills! It's NUTS!!

Okay, enough of the excitement and back to LCWC #2. I created my card using one of the stamps sold at Little C's. It's a "Rachelle Anne Miller Lilo & Milo Clear Stamp" Oh, my gosh, this stamp is WAAAAAAAAAY Cute!!!

The challenge is to create a card using a sketch by Julee Tilman of Poetic Artistry. The sketch is below!

I colored the image using my Copic Markers, cut out a few parts of the image and mounted them with foam tape. I also added a bit of Stickles.

Anyway, if you want to participate in Jen's challenge, stop by Jen's blog site "Pieces of Me"! Love to see ya' playin'.

Check out the other card samples for Little C's Weekly Challenge #2:

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Jen - Pieces of Me

I wanted to post a sneak peek of my reorganized craft room! I wanted to post a few pictures before I start messing it up again! LOL! My room is not quite finish. I'm about 70% done. I still need to bring back a bunch of my stuff into my room and I bought a few decorative elements for my room which will be delivered in about a week. I'll re-post more photos when my room is completely done!

The picture above is a "buffet" table that I transformed into a work station. I actually bought it from a scrapbook store that was going out of business. It's made of real wood and it's a wide table so there's a lot of drawer and shelving space. This station will be where I do all my die cuts and cutting. My hardware tools are located in one of the drawers. The shelves are still empty because I still need to figure out what I need to place in it.

Do you see that grid panel to the left of the table? It's a slat display that I bought for $15 at the same scrapbook store. In a store, it's used to hang stickers and such. I still need to buy a bunch of hooks and my plan is to hang a few packages of stickers like a store!! LOL!

This is one of my stamping station! I have two craft tables! This one is where I'm going to do my heat embossing and other stamping activities. I have another craft table that I'll be using for my scrapbooking and altered projects!! I'll take a picture of it next time!

The craft table is a true stamping table. . .the drawers are 1" and 2" in height, made specifically for rubber stamps and stamping products. I bought it about 2 years ago at "Best Craft Organizers" The table is on sale right now for $299 including shipping. When I bought it at the regular price, it was $500 so buy it now while it is on sale!

This is my craft table with the drawers opened. The drawers store my favorite stamps as well as all of my punches!!

I also have my TV on my table! LOL! I can watch TV and craft at the same time. Yipee!!

This is an armoire to the right of my craft table. This armoire stores my embossing folders, sewing machine, bind it all, Combs binding machine, and other sewing stuff! This armoire was originally my daughter's computer armoire that was located in her room.

This is the cabinet opened up!

This is a small craft drawer located to the left of my craft desk. It's a stamping/scrapbooking organizer table that I also bought from "Best Craft Organizers" It sores a few of my stamps as well as a few scrapbook papers.

I'll post photos of my complete craft room once I receive the decorative elements that I bought for my room and after I finish reorganizing everything!!

Now back to my reorganizing!! LOL! Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!

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Jen Young said...

Maria!!!! Your craft room is coming along GREAT!!! I'm so jealous that it's soooo clean!!! LOL.... and Holy Crap to that Earthquake!!!! I better call my sister, and see if she is ok...... love what you created with this challenge - and thanks for patting my back. It feel great to have great friends like you that support me and my business in selling... it's so fun to bring these products to those I know will use them well.

Big Hugs n' Aloha,

2 Worlds said...

Great space Maria , and great card

Mel M. M. M. said...

You are always such a HUGE inspiration. Your card is just adorable. I love how you did their hair-dos. Super sweet & the flowers! Out of this world!.I'll have to go play along with that sketch & check out Jen's store; she rocks just like You!Q :0) You craft room looks fantastic. SO clean and gorgeous. Glad the earth quake didn't mess it up! :0)

Marie said...

Awesome Card! So inspiring! And I'm always blown away how you pick parts of the image to make it into a 3D. LOVE your craft room!! I want one! I love how organized everything is. I have a family friend from Temecula! Ladia and I have been friends since diaper days.

~Michelle~ said...

cute card....Beautimous stamp room!! Can't wait to see it all done up!!

Glad you made it through the earthquake tremors....I think I'd be tremoring yet!! YIKES!

Rita said...

I luv your card Maria, beautiful coloring & the DP is beautiful!

I heard about the earth quake & was wondering how all my blog buddies who live in Calif. were doing & hoping that you were all alright! Glad to hear that you are OK, must have been scary.

Luv your craft room it's coming along nicely & I luv that desk & those drawers!

Tracy.H said...

I just heard about the quake on the news and was wondering if you felt anything...WOW! Glad that there were no injuries...at least non reported.

Your craftroom looks amazing!! So nice and bright too. Have fun finishing up. :0)

malieta said...

I LOVE your card Maria, it is soooooooo cute and what an adorable image!!! Wow..the coloring,DP and the embellishments are too cute!
I have no idea what an earthquake feels like but I'm so glad that you are all right:)
Now if I had a craft room like yours, I would be in heaven...it is beautiful and you have the perfect accessories. I tell myself that I will have something like this one day. Until then, I'll dream on.........*smile*

Beth Norman said...

Wowzers, your card is so lovely. The image is too cute. I love how you paper pieced it. Rock on! So glad you're okay after the earthquake. How scary. Your stamp room looks wonderful. Lots of space. Good luck keeping it clean. I wish my stamp room looked as clean as yours.

Monika/Buzsy said...

Great card Maria! Love that cute image and the coloring. Nice craft room. Do you want to come over to my house? I sure could use a good clean up. :o) TFS!

Juliann said...

Adorable card! Your room is looking pretty snazzy! Can't wait to see the big finish!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks great! Way to go!!!!
Heidi Tucson, AZ

Stephenie said...

Wow Maria this card is so cute. The embellishments and the coloring, beautiful!
Your stamp room is great! So organized. I can't wait to have my own.

Sankari W. said...

Congrats on the clean craft room!!! It looks beautiful!!!! WOW!!! I love that you can watch TV and craft!! :) That was crazy about the earthquake - How are you doing? I love your card - it totally inspires me to go and make a card right now!! And to clean up my craft corner --- it is literally a corner .... :) LOL! Sending you lots of happy wishes and a TON of smiles!!!
much love,

Sandy O said...

What an adorable card, I love the dimention you gave it. Really cute.

specialcraftmom4 said...

Wow, how nice to have an organized room! I can't walk into mine right now, LOL!

Diane said...

OMG! I wish I had half of what the scraproom you have...I'm so jealous!
It looks awesome Maria!
Your card is so cute,love all the colors and the layers!!

Rhonda said...

Great card! I love all the little details. You did a great job. TFS.

Michelle said...

Your room looks fabulous!!!!! I hope everything is ok after the earthquake!

Gabby said...

I AM DROOLING!!! Your room looks AMAZING! Can I come and play in your sandbox? LOL! Adorable card too...simply adorable! And OMG...wasn't that earthquake carzy??? I was taking a nap when it woke me up! Glad to hear you're OK! :)

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