Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Twingling H2O Rose

Hi Everyone! Are you familiar with Twinkling H2O? Well, if not. . .it's a "watercolor" medium that is mixed with mica and it comes in a hard cake that is "activated" when water is applied. . . .like watercolor. It has a shimmery result when it dries . . .almost like Pearl Ex.

Anyway. . .it comes in various colors and in little .5 gram tubs or 1 gram tubs. I had first bought my first set of 12 tubs like 4 years ago and I loved using them. The results are so beautiful. The great thing about the watercolor medium is that when two colors are combined, they really don't "change" the color or mix so you rarely, if ever, end up with an ugly mucky color. It sort of layer colors over one another.

They are a bit expensive. A set of 12 of the mini (.5 g) tubs can run up to $21 to 24. I believe there's approximately 168 colors. I have about 120 of the different colors. I haven't used this medium for a long time because I have so many different types of mediums to work with and I'm trying to use them all.

Because it has a shimmery appearance, I don't like to use them with cutesy types of images. I prefer to use them for flower or elegant images. Well, last night I decided to use them on this PSX image.

I don't like the choice of colors that I used but I was actually coloring in dim light while watching a movie in the family room. I ALWAYS color while watching a movie. It keeps me from fidgeting. LOL!

With my card, I tried to keep the card simple because I wanted the image to stand out and not have anything else distract from the colors of the image.

Anyway. . .if you've never tried Twinkling H2O. . . .buy a small set and see how well they work for coloring your images. I colored a few more images using the Twinkling H2O. . .I'll post the cards when I'm done!!


Gabby said...

Maria...this card is awesome! But then again...what card of yours ISN'T? ;) Love it!

BTW...there's something on my blog for you! ;) Check it out!

Mel M. M. M. said...

That colour is amazing! That's fascinating that they don't mix. I have to add them to my list (and sell some stamp sets.) You are such an artist! LOVE how you kept the layout simple, but it still has so much interest with the ribbon (and doesn't that ribbon even have a rose?! TOO Gorgeous! :0)

Michelle said...

love this! Looking forward to your tutorial

malieta said...

Very beautiful card Maria, I love the flowers...very pretty and the soft glisten of the h2o's!

Lologrl said...

Maria, I love how HUGE these images are!! They are soo pretty, and I bet even prettier IRL!!! Thanks for making ME smile!!!


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