Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Projects - Altered Basket and Container

Hello Friends!! I actually made these projects last week but forgot to post them on my blog. . .:) The first project is a little wicker basket that I bought at a garage sale and decided to alter into a Halloween basket. All I did was stick on the eyelet lace and add the skeleton embellishments. Super simple and fast project! All the embellishments are from a K&Co scrapbook pack that I bought last year but wasn't able to use up last year. I haven't bought any new Halloween embellishments this year because I'm still trying to use up the ones I bought last year. . .LOL!

With this project. . .I altered a bunch of "Prima" packages that I decided to keep to alter. They work perfectly as treat boxes! Gotta love the pretty packages that embellishments come in, huh? All I did was cover them with designer paper and stuck the scrapbook embellishments on to the design. Again, another fast project. . .this is like a 10 minute project.

This is a close up of the altered "prima" packages. It's a great idea to save the pretty embellishment packages. . they really do come in handy. Well, that is if you actually use them. I once had a thing for saving pretty packages and containers but never get around to making anything with them so they end up only taking up a lot of space. I'm trying to go through my stuff and start using the ones that I saved.

That's it for today. . .I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!


Berenice R. said...

Awesome projects! Thanks for sharing :)

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

what a great way to recycle & they are adorable~! Great job!

Monika/Buzsy said...

These are fabulous Maria... especially like that basket... love that ribbon embellishment. :o)

Whimsey said...

WOW - absolutely jaw-dropping; just love what you have created!!

Anonymous said...

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