Monday, October 4, 2010

My Scrap Chick Halloween Treat Box - Dracula

Hello Friends! Happy Monday!! Boy, I had a lot of fun creating this Halloween treat set! I actually started on the weekend but sort of lost my crafting mojo and decided to chill out. I finally finished the set this morning!

I used "Halloween Treat Box" set. There are different characters with this set such Frankenstein, Ghost, Pumpkin. . .etc. so maybe if I have the time, I'll work on a few more treat sets!

I did have a lot fun creating the set. . .initially, I was only going to work on just a box but decided to add a card. What's a treat box without a card? Well, that's what I think anyway!

Here is the box. I decided to add a handle using a ribbon. I stiffened the ribbon using fabric stiffener so it holds its shape.

The designer paper is by DCWV, the ribbon by Basic Basic, the spider came with the web . . .you know, the ones that you normally decorate your house with. They work fabulously with cards and treat boxes! It just makes the design much more fun. . .:)

Yesterday, we decided to watch a spooky movie and we chose "the Orphanage" . . .a film by Guillermo Del Toro. . the same director that created "Pan's Labyrinth. If you like scary, mystery, haunting, with a surprise ending. . .well "the Orphanage" is the movie to watch. It's subtitled because it's a foreign film. It's not really scary . . .just eerie with a great story line. I really enjoyed the movie. I added the trailer below. Our next scary movie to watch is "Let the Right One in". . .it's the original of the remake "Let It in" which is currently in theaters. The original is a Swedish film so again, it's subtitled. I love foreign films because they are very creative with their storyline and have a different take on life. In my opinion, they have more of a creepy factor because many of the elements in the films are unfamiliar to us in the US. Anyway, check out the trailer.

Okay, that's it for today. I'll work on a few more Halloween stuff this week! Can't wait to play around a bit!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Unknown said...

Love it Maria!

Unknown said...

My-my isn't this adorable... Thanks for sharing..

Little C's Creations said...

Hey Maria, love the adorable Dracula surprise bag. I watched the trailer, I am a very scare-dy cat when it comes to horror movies, but I figure they won't show too much scary things in the trailer, so I went for it. LOL!!! I wouldn't be able to watch it at night, that's for sure. I'll be too paranoid afterwards.


Unknown said...


The Dracula bag is super cute, love it!!

I saw that movie and I liked it a lot. Even my husband, who don't like foreign films liked this one. As you say it has a nice twist at the end. My first language is Spanish so I didn't need the subtitles this time, but I don't know why I love to watch movies in foreign languages with subtitles. There's a moment when It seems like I am understanding them and I feel like I know more than two languages... silly LOL! I'm going to rent "Let the Right One In", thanks fro the advice ;)

annaica said...

this is the coolest treat bag i have ever seen!!!! i wanna know how to make it!

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