Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crafty Busy Day. . .Stuff I Worked on Yesterday

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday!!! I was a busy gal yesterday! I worked on a few embellishments and earrings! I had a blast just creating away! I love it when it feels natural to just create rather than feeling pressured to create something. I like creating when it feels fun.

I have a lot of craft stuff to talk about so I'll just get down to business. I created two sets of bow embellishments for paper crafting! One in blue and one in pink. I like creating them in advance so I can just pull them out when I need them rather than creating them at the moment I'm working on a project.

I have pre-colored images, pre-made bows, pre-made flowers, pre-made beaded pins. . ..ready to be used so when I create a card or project, finishing them off goes by pretty quick. It works out really well when you need to whip up a card last minute. . .like design team stuff! LOL!

I pre-dyed the seam bindings. I don't like to dye them too dark because then they start to look like regular ribbons which I already have a ton of. I want them to look like dyed seam bindings not ribbons. I have a ton of miscellaneous beads so I worked on a bunch of beaded pins and stuck them on to the bow then added the various flowers with embellishments.

These are actually Yo-Yo flowers but rather than adding a button to the center, I added the seam binding bows just so they look a little different. They're fun embellishments to design head bands and hair accessories or even to add to sewn items such as bags, pillows, and even clothing.

I worked on a few earrings too. This one is a simple one. .. I used heart agate beads and decorative bead caps for this pair of earrings! I'm in love with bead caps right now. . .they make beads look so pretty.

This one. . .I wrapped a wire around the foil glass bead and added the lucite flower and bead just to make it a little artsy looking. It sort of has a funky look. I wrapped the silver wire sort of freestyle without any real design concept in mind. To soften the look a little, I added the pink opal beads with the bead caps.

Anyway, I listed all of these items in my Etsy Shop: Inspired & Unscripted. I think I'm going to work on "finished" projects for my shop. I've been primarily working on embellishments but a little change is good. I'll continue to make crochet flowers, fabric flowers, and other embellishments but I'll add finished projects as well just to give my shop mix of different things.

That's it for today!! Hope you all are having a wonderful July 4th weekend!


Joanne (jojot) said...

how smart to do the bows and embellies ahead of time....

kiki said...

That is, everything very beautiful.
Greeting kiki

Shoshi said...

Wow Maria, what a busy-busy-busy girl you've been! I love what you've done, and I think it's a brilliant idea to make embellishments ready for when you need them. Something I must think about! Something as pretty as this would make a very simple, plain card (made ultra quickly) into something extra special in no time. I'm sure they will sell like hot cakes on Etsy.


Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow what beautiful creations.Such talent!
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V

Carpet Cleaning said...

I love this pink hearted earnings! There wonderful!Really nice idea you had for it and clear vision!

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