Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revamped Thank You Card

Hi Friends! Gosh, the past 2 days have been bad allergy days for me! I could barely see or think straight but after taking an allergy medication today I was able to actually create a card. I was really motivated this morning but I just could not function. Thank goodness my allergy medication worked. After I felt better, I decided to do some creating and worked on "revamping" a card I had previously made. Do you have handmade cards that are out dated or maybe needs a little oomph to it? Well I felt this card was missing a little something so I decided to revamp it by adding a few extra embellishments to it.

I added the Prima rose to what was originally just the daisy Prima flower. It also didn't have a sentiment. It was just a plain note card with no theme to it but I decided a sentiment needed to be added to the card.

To create the grid pattern I used my Scor-pal and in a diagonal direction created the pattern by scoring every 1/2 inch then to dress it up a little, I added micro beads to the connecting points of the pattern.

It's funny how a pretty Prima rose can make such a difference to a card. I'm in love with Prima flowers!

There were a lot of white space around the sentiment and I didn't like how it looked so I added the dew drops to eliminate some of the white space and to add some balance.

Anyway. . .I'm hoping to be able to work on a few things this evening. Hopefully, my allergies don't return! Hope y'all are having a wonderful evening!


Kerrie said...

OMG.. you have created a beauty!.... hope you feel better real soon.

Becky said...

This is just stunning Maria..Hope you are feeling better.

Shore Girl said...

Beautiful card -- I love the background made by scoring -- I did that a while back and love the way it turns out!

MacKenzie said...

Hey Maria!
This card is beautiful! One of my fave color combos :-)
It's been ages since I've been able to get on the computer for fun. Just thought I'd pop in to say hi :-)

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