Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crochet So Fine Shawl

Hello Friends! Hey, I was sorting through my clothing and I realized that I've never posted this shawl that I created in November or December. I had hung it up and had forgotten about it. I found the pattern in the "Crochet So Fine" book and the pattern appeared to be pretty simple for a beginner so I decided to try it out. I was only crocheting for 3 months when I worked on this shawl so I say it's a beginner level pattern. I can't share the link to the pattern but if you email me at cardinspired@gmail.com I'll share it with you. Please note on the subject of your email "Shawl". It may take a few days for me to email it to you because I need to go through my containers of books inside my garage. I recently cleared out part of my book shelf, put the books in containers and stored them in the garage to free up space in my craft room so be patient if I don't email the pattern to you right away. ..:)

The pattern basically consist of single chains and increasing each section as you go. Honestly, it was really easy and it's a very pretty shawl.

At the end of the shawl, there's these pretty crochet flowers. They are all connected as one piece. . .ya' know, you don't make the dangling flowers and connect it to the shawl. . .you crochet them as you get to the the bottom of the shawl.

I really like this book because the patterns are specifically for lighter weight fine yarn which is hard to find sometimes. A lot of pattern calls for sports or worsted yarn and not too many simple patterns use lace yarn. . .is that what you call them? Well, fine yarns anyway. . .I'm fairly new with crocheting so I don't know the terms! LOL!

Anyway. . .that's it for today! Hope ya' all have a beautiful Tuesday!


tilly said...

can't believe this is a beginners one ---- lol....it's beautiful, wish I could do things like this

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Kirsti said...

You have been the prize in my blog.

Percy said...

It is beautiful Maria! Love how simple it is, and elegant at the same time!

Tracy.H said...

Beautiful, Maria! But you need a photo of either you or your daughter modeling it. ;0)

Tracy.H said...

Beautiful, Maria! But you need a photo of either you or your daughter modeling it. ;0)

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