Thursday, March 10, 2011

My First Sewn Bag and Crochet Hook Case

Hi Friends! The other day I decided to take a crack at sewing a bag. I did choose one of the simplest bag pattern I could find and sewing it went really smoothly. I didn't encounter any complications with the pattern or the instructions. I can't say the same for the crochet case. The bag was easier to sew than it was to sew the crochet hook case.

The crochet case was actually an afterthought. After I finished the bag, I realized that it fit 3 to 4 large skeins of yarn so I decided to sew a matching crochet hook case. For the bag I used McCall's MP275 and for the crochet hook case, I used McCall's M4728 patterns.

I really don't like the lace but the pattern called for a trim and I didn't have one on hand that would match the colors of my bag so I decided that the lace was the next best thing. I did use a heavy weight interfacing but I feel it wasn't stiff enough so the next time I create this bag, I'm going to layer the interfacing. I read an Amy Butler article stating that it's okay to layer the interfacing.

I used home decor fabric rather than regular cotton fabric. I wanted it to be of a more sturdy fabric so it would feel more like a bag and be a bit more durable.

I used the left over fabric from the pajama capri that I had sewn a week ago and it worked out nicely. The bag also has a nice large pocket that fit my crochet case perfectly.

Okay. . .creating this crochet hook case was not complication free. First of all, the instructions were a little confusing but I think it's due to my lack of experience with sewing. This is only the 3rd project I've sewn using a pattern and the instructions are not very detailed. I guess they are assuming that you already know how to sew and don't need detailed instructions. Excuse me, I need more explanation than a one sentence instruction. LOL!

Secondly. . .I did not have a marking pen or pencil to draw the stitch lines and such so I had to measure as I sew each crochet hook pocket. I was meaning to buy a marker but had forgotten to pick one up yesterday when I stopped by Joanns. If you're new to sewing, I highly recommend that you purchase a marking pen or pencil. As I found out, it's essential!

In the end, I did figure out the instructions and I'm happy with the end results. I will definitely make another one. Sometimes you need to try a pattern once as a practice project, then the next time you create it, sewing it becomes so much easier. I probably could sew this crochet hook case in an hour the next time I sew it. In the end it's actually a super easy project to sew.

I'm thinking of sewing another bag. . .a different one. I asked my daughter if she was interested in my sewing this bag for her and she was non-pulsed about it so I found a pattern that I think she'll like. I'll also use a neutral pattern fabric. . .she's not exactly thrilled about the floral prints.

Anyway, that's it for today. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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craftymum said...

Hi Maria
what a wonderful job you have done here with this bag
Hugs sarah x

cebelica said...

These are fab!

Tracy.H said...

Your crochet hook case is awesome, Maria!! How much was it too make and how long did it take you? Might have to you to make me one, one day. ;0)

Scrappy Beads said...

Maria... I simply adore and ♥ your site. Your truly an inspiration to me... *Ü*. I wish we lived next door to one another as I would ♥ to have you close by to teach me a how to be so creative. I absolutely ♥♥♥♥ this crochet bag and holder. Well... it's a good thing we do not live near one another as I would probably ask you to please make me one of everything you have made and will make in the future... hee-hee... *Ü*!! Thank you for sharing your blessed creativity with us all.
Have a lovely day,
**Lots of Hugs**

Joan Ottevanger said...

Hi Maria.I like your bag looks very nice and a great way to store your crochethooks

Donna Baker said...

this is awesome! I've been wanting to make one of these crochet hook bags FOREVER!!

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