Monday, April 25, 2011

Polymer Clay Beaded Plumeria Book Mark

Hi Friends! It's me again! Wow 2 post in one day. . .that's incredible for me! LOL! Yeah. . .you're not going to believe this but I'm actually ahead with my crafting. Rather than being lazy and setting aside my projects and not posting them, I decided to be a little more diligent and work on being a better blogger.

Honestly, I make more projects than I actually post on my blog but they're sort of the same things so I feel I'll bore you if I post similar projects. For example. . .yesterday, I posted a similar beaded book mark. It's a different design but again, a book mark. I always feel like I need to post something different all the time but heck, I made the stuff, why not share it anyway.

I'm thinking of selling these bookmarks on Etsy. . .what do you think? I feel a little intimidated selling anything on Etsy. Everyone is so creative on Etsy and I sort of feel that my stuff aren't creative enough. I always think "heck, who is going to buy my stuff". . .but I should at least try and see if anyone will buy the stuff I make. Besides, I have to be honest, I need play money. My husband is supportive but through the years, less so because I do buy a lot of craft stuff and sadly, I want to buy more! I've cut back on impulse purchases but from time to time, I badly want something and I decide not to buy it because I'm worried my husband will give me "that look".

Anyway. . .just a little info on my book mark. I created the plumeria flower polymer clay charm a while back. I intended to create a necklace with it but decided that it's best used for something else such as a bookmark. I really loved the rose trimming so I decided to use it. I really love how feminine it looks.

I haven't sewn anything for almost a week. I needed a change of pace but I think I'm going to work on sewing something today. Something crafty rather than a bag. . .or maybe work on an apron. I bought a few apron patterns a few weeks ago and haven't tried any of them yet.

Well. . that's it. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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Unknown said...

Maria, Just wanted to tell you how much I love your projects and how creative and inspiring you are to me.
I definitely say go for Etsy your work is fabulous and you may get some of that play money you want.
I sell crochet flowers and cards and hope to add more craft items to my etsy store, and also plan to blog more about my crafts.
Once again tfs and thanks for the inspiration you give me.

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