Friday, April 8, 2011

Stamped and Printed Vintage Pin Cushions

Hello Friends!!! I decided to work on sewing a few pin cushions. I needed a break from sewing bags. My original plan was actually to stamp a few cards but instead I decided to experiment and stamp and transfer an image to muslin cloth.

I was so excited by the results, I decided to create a bunch of vintage style pin cushions!

To stamp the image and have it permanent, meaning washable, I used Versacraft ink. After heat setting the stamped image, it's supposed to be permanent. I didn't test it out by washing it. I'll wash one of them today and see what happens. . .:)

I added Scribbles Iridescent Paint to create the dots on the flowers which is definitely permanent because it is "fabric paint.

I added a few beads to a pin and pinned the seam binding bow to the pin cushion

Believe it or not but you can transfer printed images to fabric. There are various ways to do it but the most common way is to use transfer paper. There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet showing you how to do it. There are different techniques and there are YouTube tutorials showing you how to do it as well.

I decided to use a fairy image that I found on Blanca's blog "Magic Moonlight". She has a ton of free epherema images that you can use for various projects. For the sentiment, I stamped it using Unity stamps. I have a plan to make a bunch of different types of pin cushions and sell them on Etsy. What do you think? Do you think people like pin cushions? I love creating pin cushions. . .they are really fun to sew!!!

Before I go, I decided to change the frequency of my Crafty Friday Mash Up Linky Party to every other week so this week there is no linky party. In the meantime, stop by last week's linky party and share your creation. . .this month's linky party ends at the end of the month. If the participation continues to be low, I think April will be the last month. It was a fun idea but people need to link their creation or it doesn't work. . .it's okay, I tried. . .but I think because my blog was originally a paper crafting blog, paper crafters are more accustomed to "challenge sites". I think linky parties are sewing and general crafting blogs idea of a challenge blog but it's more of a "sharing" concept that card makers are not as familiar with. Anyway, that's my explanation for the low participants. . .LOL!

That's it for today. . . hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!!


Charlotte said...

Oh . . . these are so lovely! So vintage and romantic looking. They would make a wonderful gift. And, if the idea of pincushions doesn't appeal to some, youu could add scenting inside to make them sachets. Thank you for sharing your creativity/talent with us!

Donna Baker said...

these are BEAUTIFUL! I may have to make one since I've started sewing again! tfs!

Lee said...

Oh my gosh these are absolutely STUNNING.You are soooo talented.xx

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