Friday, April 22, 2011

Vintage Shabby Chic Easter Card

Hello Friends! Well I decided to work on a few Easter cards today and here is one of them. It's a vintage/shabby chic style again. I got the pretty floral image from Vintage Holiday Crafts again. I actually downloaded a buttload of images from them! Here is the image that I used for my card:According to their site, I can share the image as long as I note where the image was downloaded from.

I just love all the pretty pink colors. . .:) I wanted to use a few different embellishments this time around. I didn't want my cards to start looking alike.

The bow and flowers is actually an image. Again, I downloaded it from Vintage Holiday Crafts Doesn't it look like a real bow?

I really loved this trimming. . .I actually created a book marker using the same trimming. I'll post it soon. I wanted to post this card first because Easter is this weekend.

The hearts were actually cut from a trimming. . .rather than a row of hearts, I wanted individual hearts. To add some color to them, I added the buttons.

Of course, something sparkly again. I added Stickles glitter to parts of the image to give the card a little bling!

I actually made another card but I'll post the card tomorrow. Okay. . .that's it for today. Hope you are all having a Blessed Good Friday!


Pam said...

This is a gorgeous card! The flowers & bow look so real. I tried to find them on the site you posrted, but I couldn't. I did find the card though. Can you please help me find that image? Love all of your creations. Seems like there isn't anything you can't do.

lastivka said...

beautiful! the flowers like alive.

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