Friday, April 29, 2011

Small Things Matter Most Card

Hi Friends! I've been saving this card to post on a rainy day when I don't have anything to post but I'll probably forget about it so I decided to just post it! I've done that many times in the past. I would create a project and forget to post it then it gets lost in my pile of other projects. Besides, not having anything to post actually motivates me to create something; otherwise, I tend to slack off a bit knowing I already have several projects already created and ready to post.

I've been into "yellow" cards this week. . .actually, I've been trying to use up designer paper that I've cut up rather than having them pile up on top of an already huge pile of scraps! I cannot even begin to tell you how many scraps of designer papers and card stock I have. I try to use them but I always want to use a new designer paper but it's beginning to become quite ridiculous. I'm tripping all over my scraps. . .as a matter of fact, I've been stuffing them in whatever space I can find to stuff them in and I'm running of space to stuff them! Ugggh! I badly need to purge . . .one day I'll find the courage to let go of all the stuff I no longer need but . . .not right now.

Yup, I used my Unity stamps again and don't be surprised to see more cards and projects using their stamps. That's another thing. . .I have piles of Unity Stamps that I haven't even taken out of it's mailing package. It distresses me whenever I pass by the huge pile of stamps.

There isn't much to discuss about my card. . .there's no technique or anything special that I did to it. Just stamped and stuck on embellishments.

I love wire ribbons because they hold their shape. I don't have too many of them but they make for pretty bows.

I do like designer papers that have designs that can be incorporated as an image such as the leaves on the designer paper. There are a lot pretty designer papers that can be used as a focal point rather than just a background design.

Anyway. . .that's it. . .hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening!!


Cindy Haffner said...

SWEET SWEET I love all our BEAUTIFUL details Maria!!!~

oil painting classes said...

The card looks great!...Daniel

Esther Asbury said...

Love those summery colors! So pretty!

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