Monday, April 11, 2011

Vintage & Gift Shop and Boutique Adventure

Hello Friends! Gosh, I've been such a poor blogger the past few months. There was a time when I blogged everything I did pertaining to crafting and once in a while, my personal life. I don't do much of that nowadays. I actually have a bunch of crafting stuff that I've completed. . . crochet projects, cards, sewing, etc. but I haven't been diligent with posting them. I still need to take photos of the projects I've created . . maybe I'll take the time to do so tomorrow.

I believe part of the problem is that I upload a lot of photos of my projects and other photos on Facebook so I find it a little redundant to blog them. I tend to post the photos of my crafty stuff on Facebook before I post them on my blog but I'll try to be a better blogger. . .:)

I went on a little "window shopping" adventure a few days ago. In the town that I live in, we have a lot of gift, vintage, antique, and specialty shops and boutiques in an area called "Old Town Temecula". I love hanging out there just looking around. I especially love the gift and vintage shops because I find a lot of crafting inspirations there. It's really fun to just browse around and grab ideas.

There's this vintage/gift store that I frequent. . .they sell a lot of vintage style crafty items like paper crafting, jewelry, wood craft, shabby chic and actual vintage items. In the first photo is a picture of vintage bottles decorated shabby chic style. I love it! I guess you could use it as a decorative piece or even as a flower vase. Maybe I could find some old bottles and decorate them. I think they're pretty. I also saw the cute paper crafting project that I could probably make myself. Just to let you know, I rarely buy anything that I think I can make myself . . .well, if I can find the time to make them.

These are wine bottle charms. . .aren't they cute? This would be a great project to create.

These are painted wood cuts. . .there were a bunch of different types. . .I saw the word "cake" and well, I just had to take a photo of it.

I stopped by the quilt shop and wow, they had a ton of beautiful fabrics but gosh, they were so expensive. Most of the fabrics ran $10 or more a yard. I decided to not buy any....I rather use my Joann's coupon and save a few bucks on fabric. I wish this store's fabrics were less expensive. . I would definitely go to town . . the fabrics are beautiful!

Maybe one day I'll learn to quilt but I'm not a big fan of cutting fabrics. That's the part I like least about sewing. I love sewing. . .just not the cutting the fabric part. . LOL~

I really like that scrap board in the background. Makes me want to go out and buy a vintage frame and create my own scrap board. . .:)

Old Town Temecula is literally an old town that was restored. Many of the buildings are still the original buildings, which were primarily built in a western and ranch style because Temecula was once a "ranching" town and still is somewhat today . . .it's a mix of huge ranches and new construction.

The "Stamping Post" is a rubber stamping store and they sell a lot of products that Joann and Michaels don't sell. I wanted to take photos of the inside of the store but there was a stamping class going on and the store is quite small so I didn't feel comfortable taking photos.

Old Town has a lot of specialty shops and boutiques. This boutique sold jewelry and unique bags like these "jeans" style bags.

This is a strange one. A shoe bag and I mean it's literally a shoe covered up in denim. Honestly, who would wear this? Ummm, not me. . .it's a bit too out there for me. . .LOL!

Last but not least. . .here's a photo of the "olive oil tasting" bar. I didn't go in the bar. . .I'm not into drinking oil. . LOL!

Anyway. . .just sharing a few photos. I do take a lot of photos and I should share them more often. . if anything just to fill up space on days I don't have any crafting items to share.

Well, that's it! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday evening!

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