Friday, January 14, 2011

Crochet Flower Head Hugger Hat

Hello Friends! I did work on a few crochet hats last week but haven't had a chance to post them. I've been busy experimenting with the new hobbies I've been learning. Unfortunately, it's difficult to actually create a finished project when you're learning and experimenting. I've been playing with polymer clay (see the first project I created in the previous post), learning to sew, playing with embossing powder (I'll post my project tomorrow), and a whole lot of other fun stuff. There's endless possibilities when there are so many fun craft hobbies out there. Don't ever limit yourself. . .experiment, try new things. You'd be surprised that you may actually like the different crafts out there!

Anyway back to my crochet hat. All three hats are head huggers meaning they fit in a way that hugs a child's face. They are child size, from age 2 to about 4 years old because the hat is adjustable by pulling on the crochet string and tying a bow.

Here is the hat pattern if you want to try it out: Click Here

With one skein of yarn, you can actually make at least 3 or even 4 of this hats. It depends on the amount of yarn in the skein but you can make at least 2 with any skein. I used Red Heart TLC Essential yarn. It's very soft and perfect for a child's hat. With the hat above (the pink one), I used the Baby One Pounder yarn. It's a little thicker and the hat is a little bigger if you follow the pattern. You will need to use a smaller hook size or adjust the pattern a little if you use regular 4 ply worsted yarn.

I created these flowers using this pattern: Click Here My flowers look misshapen because I didn't stretch them out but they look really pretty when they are stretched out. I chose this pattern because the pattern was super simple and I wanted one that I could do while watching television with my family. LOL!!! There are a gazillion flower patterns on the Internet. I'll probably work on a new flower pattern next. I used embroidery floss to create these flowers because I needed the flowers to be small enough to fit my paper crafting projects.

Anyway, that's it for today!! I'll "try" to work on a paper crafting project this weekend! I'm just having way too much fun experimenting with the different crafting hobbies that I've been neglecting doing any paper crafting projects. Once I get better with the new stuff I'm learning, I can start getting into a routine where I can work on the different crafts equally.

Hope you all have a beautiful Friday!!!

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dannette said...

Oh my goodness, You sound just like me. I too have been trying to learn how to sew(made my first apron) Also, I have attempted to crochet flowers but havent yet got the hook on it yet. I found your blog and you have me so inspired. I thought I was the only one out there that was trying to learn new things all while trying to keep up with my papercrafting habit! Thanks for sharing and I'll be back soon! Hugs, Dannette in Calif

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