Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wire Work Jewelry Using the Wire Thing-A-Ma-Jig

Hello Friends! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything the last few days. I've been busy. Busy doing what you ask? Doing everything~LOL! I'm not kidding!! It's a bit crazy how I try to fit anything and everything in a day.

One of the things I am doing is re-organizing my Google Reader. I've stopped looking through it because well it was so disorganized. I have stamping, scrapbooking, jewelry, crocheting, freebies, vintage and shabby, sewing, and all kinds of blogs on my reader but I've never sorted them in categories. I've started creating folders for each category but unfortunately, the blogs on my reader are all over the place. What I've been doing is labeling each one into their respective categories. I know there is a way to bulk categorize all the blogs at once but sometimes I can't tell what type of blog they are by the name of the blog so I've been going through each one individually. . . .***sigh***. My plan is to share my reader list on my side bar so you can click on the different blogs based on the genre of arts and crafts. It may be a while before I'm done. I have over 500 blogs on my reader and it'll be increasing because I found a lot of other fun blogs. . . .but organization first, then adding more next.

Anyway, another thing I've been doing is working with craft wire or jewelry wire and trying to learn to manipulate wire for jewelries and word art. A few years ago I bought the Wire Thing-a-ma-jig and it sat in my drawer used maybe once or twice. Well, now that I'm into jewelry making, I now can actually use it. I also bought a wire writer way back when that works with the Wire Thing-a-ma-jig so I can create wire word art for my cards and scrapbooking. Yay!

The problem is I really didn't know how to use these tools that I had. So. . .I went YouTube hunting for tutorials on how to use them and practiced by making my first few earrings using the Wire Thing-a-ma-jig. The tutorial below is on how to use the "Wig-Jig" which is the same tool as mine but mine is a lot bigger than what is shown in the video. The concept is the same regardless.

The video tutorial shows how to create a "spade" wire shape for your jewelry. My earrings didn't come out great but practice makes perfect, right. I'll be shaping wires in no time. . .well, I hope I will! LOL!!!

I'm going to work on a card today. . .yay! Paper crafting!!! I'm excited about it because I'm learning a genre of card making that is new to me. I can't wait to show it to you. It's not a new style of card making, but new for me. . .:) I just love learning new things!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!!!


Unknown said...

So nice creations! Thanks for sharing :)

HJC Editor said...

Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at in future post.


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