Sunday, January 16, 2011

Polymer Clay Purse Pendant

Hello Friends! Hey guess what I made? I was brainstorming and experimenting and I ended up making a polymer clay purse pendant using a rubber stamp to impress an image to the clay. My intention initially was to cut the image out but my clay was too hard and I didn't have the proper blade to cut the image out. I think I need to buy a soft clay in order to cut an image out. The problem with regular rubber stamps is that it's only meant to impress an image on to clay and not necessarily cut out an image because the rubber stamp is not etched deep enough to cut a thicker clay. There are rubber stamps for polymer clay but heck, I don't need any more stamps. You can cut the image out with a blade but I didn't think to use my "craft" blade. . .all I was thinking was I didn't have a polymer clay blade so I didn't attempt to cut it out.

I colored the image using "SU Pastels" for the shading, "Pebbles Inc. Shimmery Pastels" to color the whole image, and Pearl EX all over the image as well to give the pendant a shimmery effect. In person, the pendant is very, very shimmery.

When coloring the image, I did it before baking and I applied the pastels dry rather than using a wet medium. I wasn't sure how the clay would react if I used a wet medium on a non-baked clay. You can use a wet medium such as acrylic when the image is already baked but I'm not sure what would happen if I use a wet medium on an non-baked clay. I need to do some research. Nevertheless, dry painting the image worked out perfectly. The pastels and Pearl Ex colored the clay very nicely.

I did make a few mistakes. After coloring the image, I still needed to color the eyebrow, eyes, and lips and due to my impatience, I grabbed the closest marker I had which was my Copics. While coloring the eye brow the brush tip was too large and now the cute image has a manly eyebrow!!!! LOL!!! Hilarious. Lesson learned! Realizing the brush tip was too thick, I changed the markers to SU markers and finished the eyes and lips. That's okay. . .this was just a practice pendant. . . I was just experimenting and wanted to see if the pastels and Pearl EX would bake okay and it did!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with the pendant. I was going to create a necklace but decided the pendant would make for a really cute purse pendant/charm. Anyway, I'm in the middle of creating another one. .. this time, a more elegant looking one using a flower image!!

If you have never tried stamping on polymer clay. . .try it out! I guarantee you'll have a ton of fun creating fun projects with the clay!! When I have the time, I'll see if I can make a tutorial for this technique!!

Okay, that's it for today! I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday.



Adorable! TFS. Bug Hugs!

Patti said...

Hi Maria

I love how this project turned out - a great idea using polymer clay to stamp and color. It appears polymer clay is more cost effective and easier to use than shrink plastic - you see what you get! Love this idea - thanks for sharing.


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