Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines, Flower, and Striped Crochet Hats

Hello Friends! Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! During the week I did work on a few crochet hats. I found the pattern in this month's Crochet World magazine. I would love to share the pattern but it's not mine to share and there's no Internet link to the pattern. If you want the pattern, email me at "" with the subject "Valentines Hat" and I'll email the pattern to you.

Rather than adding the heart, as shown in the third photo below, I decided to add a flower which honestly, I prefer. The pattern calls for only two colored yarns but I decided to use 3 which I think is prettier. You can use as many colored yarns you want, I suppose. It's a good way to use up your scrap yarns.

The pattern has various sizes for infant, toddler, child and adult. The one above is a child size hat. The majority of the stitch used for the hat is half double stitch except for the rim of the hat. I used 4 ply worsted yarn throughout.

Here is the heart at the front of the hat. The pattern calls for the heart to be more at the top of the hat but I think lowering it may be better. This hat and the one below is actually a "toddler" size hat.

The heart is actually a separate piece that is sewn in to the front of the hat.

I left this hat and the one below without a heart or flower. I'm still debating which to add to the hats. Which do you prefer? The flower or the heart? I guess both. . .considering it's a Valentines hat, it should have a heart. I'm thinking of adding a flower and create a crochet heart center for the flower so it'll have a Valentines theme to it.

Just a little update on my cat Dori. I took a few pictures of her incision but I'll share it later. She is doing really well. She is still in a little pain and doesn't move around much but after today, we'll force her to move around a bit more so her muscles don't get stiff. Besides, being sedentary after surgery leads to complications so we need to stop babying her. Because I'm an RN, I baby her a little less and sort of force her to walk around a bit and not hand feed her. My family, on the other hand, baby her like crazy and they think I'm being mean. Dori thinks I'm being mean too. . .she doesn't purr when I pet her. . .LOL! I'm sorry but I'm doing her a big favor. . .her digestive system will work better, her muscles will be more conditioned and not so stiff, and her circulation will improve and the incision area will heal faster. I'm not worried. . .she'll thank me later.

Anyway, that's it for today. I promise I have a card for you tomorrow. . .:)

Hope you all have a beautiful Friday!!!!


Ash said...

WOW!!!! Out of this world.... Wishes & Hugs))))


Alice said...

Love all of your hats, but especially the flower ones.

Samantha J Designs said...

These are so beautiful!!! I LOVE that first one with the flower. LOVE the colors too :-) SO pretty!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have noticed you show your crocheting. I like this hat. Do you show the directions for the hat?

Judy Davis

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