Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentines Earrings

Hello Friends! Because Valentines is right around the corner, I decided to work on a few Valentines earrings. I have this thing with working with hearts. I bought a few semi-precious stones and metal charms. Honestly, because I'm new with jewelry making and beads, I don't know the differences in the stones. I see a bead or charm that looks pretty and don't feel or look like plastic and that's what I'll buy so I can't tell you much about the type of stone or charms that I'm using on my earrings. I'm really terrible at keeping track of the labels so I can't provide any information on them. I usually will cut the wire then forget to keep or write down the information. I have to remember to do that for future projects.

If you're wondering how long it takes me to create my earrings. . .well, it takes about the same time it takes to make a handmade card. Usually within an hour. I usually watch television while creating them but I can create two or three sets of earrings by the time a movie is done. LOL! I'm the sort of crafter that has to have noise in the background. ..whether it's a movie, music, or whatever or I'll tend to wander off and do something else. Are you that type of crafter or do you need a quiet and serene environment to craft? When I was in college and had to study, I studied with the television or music on or had to be in a cafe where there were a lot of noise in order to study. I'm not sure why but when it's too quiet, I become bored easily.

Here are a few other earrings I created. I decided to work with a hoop with the first earring. If you've never created earrings before and wondered if it's difficult, in my opinion, not at all. The only problem you'll encounter is if your vision is poor or you can't see close objects really well and if you have unsteady shaky hands or arthritis. Other than that, it's really easy and I can't believe I haven't tried to create jewelry in the past. I always thought it was difficult but let me assure you, it's not. It's actually a lot easier than creating a card that requires different materials or techniques.

I don't know if you've read my post a few days ago regarding my learning to use the "Wire Thing-a-ma-jig" or "Wig-jig", well I created a flower type shape with it. My flower shape on this earring isn't perfect but it's my first one so I'll forgive myself. LOL! I need a bit more practice but I'm really having fun "trying" to create different wire shapes.

Anyway, if you've never tried to create jewelry, I do recommend you try it. It's less expensive to make them than have to buy them at the stores. Custom jewelry is expensive so if you want to create something unique and less expensive than those at the stores, I do recommend you make them yourself.

I'm still practicing on earrings but hopefully, I'll start to move on to making bracelets and necklaces soon. Well, that's it for today!! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


June said...

All of your earrings are beautiful but I really like the flower earring the best!!!!

jacqueline said...

Maria, I know I have said this many times but you are so talented, I thought I would miss you doing cards, but I love seeing what you try next. I have always wanted to do the polymer clay thing and you have given me the desire to start now. Thank you keep up the crafting.Jackie

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