Friday, January 28, 2011

My First Necklace. . .Artsy Fartsy Prima Crochet Polymer Clay Necklace

Hey Friends!!! Happy Friday! Hey I created my very first necklace! It's kinda artsy fartsy with a mixed media approach to it. I've been experimenting in my crafty laboratory trying to come up with different stuff and learning new jewelry making, crocheting, polymer clay techniques. Some came out cool, some not so much. LOL! I really haven't been able to complete a project because I've been playing around with different materials and such. Because I'm new to these crafts, well I'm a bit slow and just feeling my way through it. For example, yesterday was the first time I clamped the ends of a jewelry wire using a crimper. I need some practice. . .LOL! I also experienced a bit of grief with my polymer clay. . .the clay wasn't holding together very well because it appeared to be a little dry and hard to knead. I looked up how to remedy the problem and found that there is a clay softner and yay, it solved my problem. Stuff like that . . .just trying to figure how things work. It's fun but it can be time consuming.

Anyway, back to my necklace. If you've read my post about my new hobby - jewelry making, I've talked about how pricey large pendants and charms are. Ugggh! So I decided to find different ways to make a large "pendant" without breaking the bank. One good way is to create your own pendants using polymer clay or using your scrapbook and stamping materials. Fabric and yarn is also a good way to create a large pendant. It's sort of artsy fartsy and non-traditional as far as beaded jewelry is concerned but hey, whatever works and honestly, I kinda like it looking a bit unique. At least you'll know that your stuff is one of a kind!

Okay, just a bit of info on my pendant. Yes, it's a Prima flower bedded on a crochet flower. I did apply Outdoor Mod Podge to the Prima so it's weather and water proof. The Outdoor Mod Podge causes the Prima to dry stiff so it's almost like a polymer clay flower. It won't tear or fall apart. I did crochet the flower and secured the Prima flower with glue and wire so it won't fall off.

I also created my own pearly beads using white clay and brushing Pearl Ex to the beads before baking. I then polished it after baking so the Pearl Ex won't rub off and stain your clothing. I could have sealed it with a glaze but I didn't want the glaze to cover the pearly effect of the Pearl Ex.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting projects as often as I used to but once I get the hang of these new hobbies that I've been learning, I'll be able to actually complete projects. . .I am working on book markers right now and other fun stuff. I'm still trying to figure out the design of the book markers so once I can decide how I want them to look, I'll finish them up and post them.

That's it! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


Anonymous said...

This looks fabulous!!!

Tracy.H said...

Wow! This is beautiful, Maria!! :0)

Charlene said...

Hi Maria! That necklace is GORGEOUS!! I love everything about it, the colours are amazing!! You are so talented!! :o)

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh this is gorgeous! Love the mixed media feel to it!

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