Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Earring and Necklace Set

Hello Friends!! I decided to work on an earring and jewelry set yesterday. I haven't worked on any jewelry for a while now. Because I just got over a cold and also have been working on organizing my garage, I really haven't had as much time to craft as I would like to. Although I try to find time on a daily basis to fit in some crafting, I haven't been able to do so like I normally would. Sewing, crocheting and jewelry making take a bit more time to finish up than paper crafting so I have a bunch of incomplete projects that I still need to work on.

About a month ago, I created a few polymer clay hearts and I really wanted to squeeze in some time to use them on a pair of earrings and necklace so I finally was able to find time to work on this set.

I have difficulties taking good pictures of my jewelry. I think I need to set my camera to manual focus because my camera will focus on one area of my jewelry and blur the rest of the areas. It also has difficulties focusing sharply and I can't get my lighting to brighten up the pieces nicely without some areas remaining dark.

As you can see, I used the polymer clay hearts that I had created and designed using glittery embossing powder. The colors are really bold but I wanted to use colors that matched the hearts. I think this set would go nicely with an understated blouse. It'll stand out nicely with a plain colored shirt without looking too busy or flashy. I don't like wearing flashy stuff. Accessories are in now, especially bold pieces so I think these will work nicely as accessories when I go out to dinner or a night out in town.

I did work on another pair of earrings but I'll post them on another day!

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday


Cindy Haffner said...


Tracy.H said...

Such yummy, yummy colors. Beautiful, Maria! :0)

Carmen said...

Very pretty! Love your staging too!

craftymum said...

Gorgeous Set. makes me think I should get my jewelry bits out again
hugs sarah x

Anonymous said...

Hi maria, Although I am not a jewel maker, I admire yrs creations they are so "romantic" and girly. love them, rgds, dalys

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