Monday, April 18, 2011

Abby Tote

Hello Friends!!! I worked on a tote this weekend! I LOVE the tote! It is so cute and perfect as a shopping, beach, or as an overnight tote. It is quite large. . .not your average size tote. It's also reversible. . .so you actually have two bags in one!!!

I found the pattern at "V and Co" and decided to purchase it and try it out! The pattern is aPDF with cutting measurements and instructions rather than an actual pattern. It was easy to follow the instructions if you have experience sewing bags and totes but it may be a little confusing if you've never sewn a bag. The pattern is a typical bag pattern so again, if you have some experience sewing a bag, the bag is super fast and easy to sew.

In my photos the bag is sort of "puffed" up because I did stuff it but if there isn't anything in it, then it's not as "fat". .LOL! As you can see it is quite large. I think it would look just right for a taller person. Because I'm quite short, it looks very big on me but that's okay, I love it anyway.

My daughter wasn't excited about the bag mainly because of the size and asked that I modify the pattern to a smaller size and she will be willing to wear it. So I'll see if I can sew a medium or even a hand bag version of this bag.

The tote does have a square bottom. According to the pattern's instructions, the tie can be also used as a scarf and I agree, it does make for a great scarf. I did modify the pattern by adding a medium/heavy weight interfacing to the outside and handle of the bag. It has a little body but not stiff at all. I used a cotton fabric for the bag and I didn't like how flimsy it felt so the interfacing helped give the fabric a little body.

The tote is reversible so it doesn't have a pocket but I think it would look okay with a pocket so the next I sew this bag, I will add a pocket. The only thing I did not like about the pattern and did not follow was the 1/4" seam. I am not a fan of 1/4" seams. . .so instead I did a 1/2" seam. The tote is huge so another 1/4" to the seam didn't make much of a difference.

Here is the lining in reverse. . .I love the patterns of the fabrics!! The fabrics are the Calico Keepsake fabrics from Joanns. I thought they were perfect for this tote design. Nothing to colorful and over powering. . .:)

I do highly recommend this pattern if you want a super sized tote. If you don't like large totes, then this tote may be too large for you.

Anyway, that's it for today. I'm in the process of working on a new sewing project. I may squeeze in some time to paper craft this week! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!


Sue from Oregon said...

Maria, this is crazy cute!!!!!

Eva said...

Maria, I am in LOVE with this bag...seriously girl, you need to sell these, or are you selling them somewhere, because I might be seriously interested! You inspire me so much!!! Just wanted to let you know, I love everything you make!!

Tracey said...

Maria, this is a beautiful bag. If you ever decide to make a smaller bag for a smaller person (only small myself) please let me know. I would love to own something like this and would wear it with pride.
Thank you for your inspiration.
Tracey x

Skooks said...

Did you ever end up trying this tote in a smaller size? I want to make this for my daughter to take to dance class and I'm wondering about modifications people may have tried. I want the bag to be roomy enough to accommodate her clothes, but not overwhelmingly large or awkward for her to carry.

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