Saturday, June 2, 2007

Blog Candy Submission #24 - Guest Stamper - Bev

Okay Everyone! This is the last of the blog candy submissions! Whew! Posting all of them has been a lot of work but so worth it to display all the creative work that everyone submitted. I am very appreciative of your participation.

Now. . .this is a wonderful submission from Bev! I love stripe patterns and she did a wonderful job incorporating different elements to the card. I like how she angled the cardstock a little bit and the tags that she included! It gave my sketch a bit of a twist. . .

Bev is a new blogget! She just started in May! Yay! Her blog site is called "Bev Ink" and she is already at a great start with the blogging thing. It takes a while to get into a routine! I remember how it was when I first started. It seems like ages ago. . .I started Card Inspired at the end of November and Stampin Inspirations mid December. I feel like an old timer. Anyway. . .it's hard to get people to visit your site without some help from links from other bloggers. . .so please visit Bev's blog site and give her some encouragement! We want her to continue blogging so give her a big "WELCOME", okay!

Thank you Bev for your wonderful Blog Candy submission!

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