Friday, June 8, 2007

Update on the ATC Holder Tutorial

Hi Everyone!! I'm really sorry but after looking at the pictures I took of the tutorial, I realized the pictures didn't come out clear enough so I need to retake the pictures. I was going to post the tutorial today but I think I'll need more time to work on it. The problem lies with the pictures matching the sequence of the instructions and I've missed taking a few pictures of certain steps and the ones that I did take didn't come out clear enough. I may need another day. I would work on it today but I have a bunch of errands to run, a lunch date with a girlfriend, pick up the kids from school, and bring my daughter to choir banquet this evening.

My daughter thought the banquet was last night but when her friend didn't show up, she realized she got dressed for nothing. We decided to go out for dinner last night because my daughter was already dressed up.

Anyway. . .I'll post a few cards later today when I get back from whatever I need to do today!

Until later. . .

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