Sunday, June 10, 2007

Daily Special - Anything But Cards - ATC Accordion Holder Tutorial


I added the tutorial!! Check it out!!

Click Here for the Tutorial


Hey all you ATC lovers. . .I'll be posting a tutorial tomorrow so be sure to check back maybe in the late afternoon. I'm still working on the tutorial but I wanted to post the pictures now because I'm really excited about it.

Anyway, today's Daily Special is "Anything But Cards" and the tutorial will be on a "ATC Accordion Holder". No, I did not come up with the idea so don't give me credit for this awesome project. I got the idea from a book that I bought a few weeks ago. The only thing I came up with are the different closures and designs shown in the pictures. I actually have two more ideas for a closure but I still need to make them. What do you think?

The first ATC holder at the top has a "scalloped insert closure". Scroll down to see the different closures I came up with. I'll come up with other closures and I'll add them tomorrow. I would make them tonight but we're going out to dinner while my daughter attends a choir banquet.

Oh I just wanted to mention something. . .do you see the Stamping Top 99 to the left. It's really stupid. It has reset 3 times on me. . .each time I hit the 80s, it craps out on me and tells me that I am no longer a member. I've had to climb my way up from the 400s on three occasion and each time I hit the 80s, it doesn't like me anymore. The same thing happened with my Card Inspired blog site. . .I decided not to re-apply for a membership on that side. It's free but it's stupid. If it craps out on me again when I hit the 80s on this blog site, I'm no longer going to reapply. The Stamping Gods don't like me over there at the Stamping Top website!


Anyway, this is how it looks opened up with the fancy corners which I don't like by the way. I prefer the rounded corners as shown with the subsequent samples below. The ATCs are inserted into the photo slots. You could also insert pictures or images if you want rather than ATCs but the purpose of this holder is primarily to hold ATCs.

This ATC Holder is held together with a ribbon. Designer paper was used and nothing else. No stamping, no nothin'. . .so you could probably make a ton of these real quickly just by using a pretty designer paper. If the paper is pretty, why cover it up, right?

This is how it looks opened up and the ATCs inserted.

This is how it looks when laying flat and folded.

This one has a straight angle slot/insert to close the holder.

This is how the holder looks without the ATCs inserted.


Anonymous said...

I love your cards and projects. Wow the colors and different techniques - really AMAZING! Can't wait to see the tutorial on ath ATC's. Thanks so much for sharing - you are Great!

Rette Mom

Daph said...

Ack... ok, I tried to figure it out, but I can't and it's driving me nuts. What is/are ATCs?

Cathy said...

WOW! Maria, your ATC holder & ATC's are sooo great! I love the colours and your flower on the cover - can't wait for the tutorial!!

Ila said...

This is a great project! You did a wonderful job...I love them all. I love your ATC's I see as well!!

Julesiana said...

Thank you!!!!!
I just love this!!
I made one for my swap hostess--I will post it after my swap is mailed (she checks my blog regularly!!)
Eventhough you did not post the tutorial, you posted enough pictures that I could wing it!!. I used a Stampin' Up! Simply Scrapping Kit for mine.
I just found you today while Splitcoast was down--I will become a regular!!

Esther said...

Ooo very clever little folder, will study again when I have more time to have a closer look, I see you do sketches! cool, just added yout to my sketch list on my blog, how often do you do your sketches? once a week? what day? thanks!

Wife2TJ said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Cathy said...

Thanks sooo much for sharing your tutorial for the ATC's. I have yet to make any ATC's - but now I will!
Would you share your ATC designs for ideas with us???

Wackie said...

Did you know that you can also insert gift cards so it would make a great shower gift, graduation gift, etc. You just buy up $5 or $10 cards to some places and put them in there. I am going to make my daugther one for a bridal shower.

Jen said...

dang girl, you did good!!! love what you did with these. Ok another question for you...I know that some of your tutorials are inspired by tutorial books you read - but what about the others? Do you come up with them over night, are they jumping around in your head wanting to be "tooted" on paper?

hahaha.... you know me, just tryin' to get to know you (as always). I just love your stuff...

oh yea, and that Stamping Top counter too... that happened to me twice already! I thought was just me! What the heck, yea?!

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