Monday, June 18, 2007

Daily Special - Retired Stamp Set - Oh My Word

This is a card I made using a sketch from a group site I'm part of called Handmade Cards With Love. Gabby did the sketch and to contribute to the group site's activities I decided to participate. To see the sketch, you need to join the group.

This card was made using the stamp set "Oh My Word". I believe this was a 2005 Hostess Set. I think it's such a cute set.

I don't have a Giga scallop punch. . .I cut a 3 inch circle and by using Fiskar "Scallop" scissors, I cut around the circle and layered the cards and again used the scallop scissors to create the scallops on the mats.

I no longer have to do this because I created a template on my Craft Robo to cut my scallop shapes. I can't believe how many things I can do with this machine. Each time I learn new things and it's capabilities, I become more impressed with this machine. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as just inserting a cartridge and running the machine or running a die through a manual die cut machine.
The benefit is the capabilities are far more advanced than other machines and I am very happy my husband bought it for me.

I'm now on Chapter 3 of "the Secret" and it talks about the fact that if you want certain things to happen in your life, all you have to do is "ask". That is way too simple. Well, I'm going to be asking for a lot of things if that's the case. The book really emphasizes "positive thinking" and what it can do for your life. Positive thinking results in positive actions which results in positive attraction. So. . .I've been trying to think positive and avoid thinking anything negative. . . which by the way can be pretty hard. When I start to think negative about something, I change my thought process to the opposite of what that negative thought is.

For example. . .I am on a waiting list for jury duty. I have to call in everyday and find out if I'm going to serve. Well. . .when I call, I initially think "I hope they don't call me in". . .and I realize that it's a negative thought so I change it to "I hope I will be able to stay home tomorrow".
Try it and see if you can make a bit of a difference in your life. Change the negative thought into a positive thought, okay!!


Tejal said...

I'm reading a similar book, called Heal your Life by Louise Hay. She says that your thoughts affect your body. If you change your thought pattern you can heal your own body without any medications. And yeah, she too advocates replacing your negative thoughts with positve ones. Pretty hard to do, if all you've ever done is think negative. I hope the book benefits you as does mine. good day!

Mark's Finest Papers said...

This is an excellent card!

Anonymous said...

Like the card. I haven't read The Secret, but I have believed this way for years. Years ago a friend told me that she lives this way. She would puta picture on the refrigerator of something she wanted and think positive about it and she always managed to get it. Without really thinking about it I put a picture of a Mercedes convertible on my fridge last year and last summer my husband bought me one! Then I put a pcture of a Porsche on the fridge and my husband bought one for himself a couple of weeks ago! I'm thinking this works!!! And to think that probably less than 10 years ago my husband said these cars were just dreams and he didn't think we would ever be lucky enough to afford them!! But I stayed positive and told him just wait and see!

AdriansCrazyLife said...

Actually, I have two comments for you - you actually did those beautiful scallops with scissors? Seriously? How do you get them so nice and even? The circles are perfectly layered. I've done patterned scissors on straight edges, but I've never tried doing them on a round shape.

As for The Secret - great stuff! I've been reading books and listening to tapes on that kind of stuff for years. It's interesting how so many of them reinforce exactly the same thing and I do believe it works. Last week, I was visualizing about a trip to Disneyland for my family. It took some doing, but we got some money coming in here and there from different sources and it will be enough to pay for our trip!

Little C's Creations said...

very beautiful card!!! love the scallop look and now aren't you such a happy lil' girl with your new toy?!

Thanks for also sharing about the book you're reading. Its great positive stuff!!!


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