Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Random Card - Nice & Easy Notes

Just a quickie card I made about 1/2 an hour ago. "Nice & Easy Notes" is retiring by the way. This is an old set, it's time it retires.

The designer paper is by Autumn Leaves. Why do I use other brands of designer paper rather than the ones that Stampin Up sells? Ummmm. . .primarily because I already have a ton of designer paper that I have to use up. . .secondly, I hate to say this but SU designer paper is shhhhh. .. ..too expensive. Ignore what I just said if you're a customer. Honestly, I would have difficulties cutting them up knowing how much I spent for them. Yeah. . .that's the way I color my world.

Did you know that I have a hard time cutting up pretty designer papers? I'll go for the "not so pretty ones" first and find a way to design the card so it looks better. I don't know what my problem is about cutting up designer papers. I'm serious. . .I have a problem cutting them up. It literally hurts to cut up what I consider a piece of art. It's worse if they're expensive and double sided like the ones SU sells. I would probably buy them and never use them. If I could frame these beautiful designer papers and hang them in my house, I probably would but well, it would be ridiculous to hang up scrapbook paper. Am I the only one with this problem? Probably. . .I can be a bit quirky at times.


Anonymous said...

Another cute card! I just love your designs, colors, and the little extras that you add. I agree with you also, that you don't always have to use SU paper -there is a lot of beautiful paper out there and I too have the same problem in using my designer paper. Thanks again for your blog and great directions!
Rette Mom

Adrian said...

I don't blame you. I have the same problem. Regardless if it is SU or not, the papers are so darn pretty I just hate to use them up. I bought the Palette O' Prints last month and I've only used 3 sheets of it. Isn't that just silly? Maybe we just need to challenge ourselves to get in there and use it. It looks SO much prettier on our projects than in a drawer somewhere!

Sandra said...

Hehehehe!!! I'm SO on board witth the "having tons of DP but not using it!" because I just can't decide why I'd wanna use it when it's so pretty. I have been trying to get better at it and now I try to do some projects with it that coordinate so I have to use the same papers. I have a 180 sheet Scrapbook wizard set that I just LOVE because it has so many nice prints in it, but I really have a hard time using it.

Debbie said...

What a great sketch and you did an awesome card using it!!

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