Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Backyard - Half Way Done! Before and After Pictures

Do you like before and after pictures? Well here are before and after pictures of our backyard. We bought our house brand new with no landscaping . . .it's been 8 months and we're a little over half way done. We still need to add a few more plants and an outdoor living space with a fireplace and outdoor furniture. We were initially thinking of putting a pool but the kids will be leaving for college in a year or two and my husband and I don't like to swim so what's the point of having a pool.

The design of our backyard was inspired by our backyard in Hawaii! We wanted to duplicate it but was unable to because of the instability of the soil here in California but we're trying our best to duplicate it.

This is our backyard in Hawaii that we also had to build from scratch (via a landscaper). It was double leveled yard. Scroll down for the before and after pictures of our current yard.

Our backyard in Hawai:

This is the waterfall with the steps to get to the second level.

The Before Pictures of our backyard in California taken 8 months ago:

Current picture. This picture came out a bit dark but this is the view from the covered patio at the corner of the yard. This is where we're going to put the fireplace. We still need to buy the patio furniture.

Before Picture:

Current Picture:

Our dogs also have their own residence, fence, and yard. You can't see it but the dog house is actually 6 feet long and it's a duplex - each dog has their own room. They even have their own patio with a large umbrella. Their dog house is made with cider and insulated to keep their house cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The dogs are living in luxury. I'm planning to plant a little tree and plants so their yard will be nice and green too. We were thinking of putting a mailbox at the front of the fence and even an address number.

The Dogs' House and Playpen.

I can't wait for the plants around the waterfall grow to it's full height. During the winter, we had a frost and about 1/3 of the palms and taller plants died. Whaaaa! The ground covering is also having difficulties recovering from the frost. . .the intent was to have the hill green with beautiful green plants but they're growing so slow.

The Waterfall:

Before Picture

After Pictures. We still need to purchase patio furniture and build a fireplace at the back patio area. We're planning to add palms surrounding the patio area after the fireplace is built.


Wife2TJ said...

WOW!!! What an amazing backyard. If my backyard looked as beautiful as that I would be outside all the time. You all did an Amazing job!!!

kathy said...

What a great backyard. I love the waterfall, I have been begging dh for one in my backyard.

Jen said...

OMGawd Sister!!! I love it!!! Just seeing your backyard has given me somewhat of a relaxing feeling. It's beautiful! I think I have been inspired to call a landscaper now... your backyard is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing these b4 n' after pics - I totally love b4 n' after pics!!!


MN-Mom Kathy said...

Hey Maria,
I totaly adore your yard and also the one at your previous home. I wouldn't need a house I would park my carcus in the back yard. Wonderful!

MN-MOM Kathy said...

Your yards are as beautiful as your cards, what more can I say, it is beautiful Congrats!


monika/buzsy said...

What a change! Looks wonderful. You must love being outside enjoying your garden. I am not much of a gardener. It's my sister's department...She does a beautiful job with her back yard. She went to collage to learn about all that stuff...

Beth said...

My, oh my, how stunning!! I can't believe you did all that in only 8 months. How nice to sit in your back yard!

Jus' Mo and Jo said...

Hi Maria!
I am husband and I just bought a property in Makakilo and this was his exact idea for the backyard. We have a large hill (just like yours) and it's funny because he said all that you could do with a hill/mountainside like this is to build a waterfall. Then...I link to your page...and here it is in color and pictures!!! Amazing! By the way, who did you use for your landscaper in Hawaii? You can email me direct at Sorry to bother you but I even had to call my hubby at work and make him log on to see how close to his idea this was?! Contact me if you can...

Jus' Mo

A message from alohagirl... said...

Wow Maria! Love your house and yard. Looks like someplace I'd love to be at! Thanks for sharing!

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