Monday, June 11, 2007

Guest Stamper - Annette - CD Envelope Shaker Card

Good Morning Everyone. . .Look at what Annette and her friend made! They decided to create the CD Envelope Shaker Card! I love them! Aren't they cute? I think they did a wonderful job with this project. I still haven't bought the Crab & Co stamp set and my time is running out. I better snap it up before it goes bye-bye!

Annette does not have a blog site. . .which I believe she should . . .why? Well so we can see more of her lovely work!

If you are interested in creating the CD Envelope Shaker Card. . .which by the way is a "snap" to create, Click Here for the Tutorial. I haven't created one since I created the tutorial. It's always on to the new. . .

Thank you Annette for your wonderful creations! If any of you are interested in sending me a picture of your work using my sketches or tutorials, feel free to do so and I'll post your creation on my blog site as a guest stamper!!! I always love seeing your work!

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Stampin' Project Junkie! said...

I'm Annette's friend!! Heheh!! Thank you so much for the tutorial!! We had a blast making these!!!:)

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