Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greatly Appreciated Card

Hello Friends! It's another week that I haven't posted anything regularly. Well it's been a crazy week, especially for my pets. My dogs had a vet appointment on Tuesday which took 2+ hours of my time and it turns out one of my dog has an ear infection so I've been taking care of him. Then yesterday was both our cats' appointment. I ended up at the vet for close to 3 hours. About a month ago, I noticed a lump on my sweet cat Dori's back while petting her and because it was soft, I thought it may have been a fatty deposit. I had the vet check the lump and in a blink of an eye, my cat is being scheduled for surgery to remove a possible cancerous mass on her back that afternoon. She had the surgery yesterday afternoon and she came home that evening. My poor baby has a humongous incision across her back. Apparently she had a lemon size mass on her back, not as round but about the same oval size. I'm very sad about it. We're waiting on the biopsy to see if it's malignant. I'm praying that it's benign.

So. . .last night, we spent the evening taking care of her and this morning as well. Her surgery went well and she seem to be doing okay. She's in pain but otherwise, she's been purring and rubbing against us. We've been doing incisional care and making sure she's comfortable. I'm trying not to worry too much about the results of the biopsy. . .we'll find out in a few days.

Anyway. . .I'm feeling a little down today but decided to make a quick card. Creating something always makes me feel happier so this was a good way to brighten my day.

There's a little bit of stamping on this card. I stamped the background with a Stampin Up background stamp "Floral" and the sentiment from the "Many Thanks stamp set".

Because I'm into jewelry making, I decided to add a beaded pin to dress the card up a little

And finally, a Prima flower always add an extra yumminess to any card so I just had to add one. I love Prima flowers.

Anyway. . .I think I'll work on another card. I'll post more about Dori on a another day. I'll take a picture of her incision and her progress.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!


Julie Ranae said...

oh my goodness...these were our colors over in The Play Date Cafe just this past challenge...

Beautiful work and very happy to hear more on Dori today...poor mite : (


WOW. I will pray for her! Beautiful card, love the beaded pin. :D

Beth Norman said...

Your card is beatiful, Maria. I love your new name and your blog header is fabulous. You go girl!

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