Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bells and Whistles

I don't use too many embellishments or layers on my cards like many cards I've seen on SCS. I tried it and it won't fit into an envelope. In the past I've made cards with a lot of bells and whistles but later was mortified to find out that they could not fit into their intended envelopes. All that work and I couldn't send them without using a bigger envelope that didn't look right.

My philosophy on cardmaking is that it has to fit into an envelope and be sendable through the mail otherwise, it's not a card. With all the bells and whistles, I feel it becomes more like an art piece to display as opposed to a bonafide card that can be sent to someone.

All the cards I make will ultimately be sent or be given to someone with the intention of it being able to fit into an envelope. Because I'm a demonstrator, I make cards with Stampin Up products to show as samples but when I no longer need them for that purpose, it will be given to someone, therefore, when I make a card, I always keep that in mind.

I've seen so many cards on SCS that I, honestly, believe can't fit into an envelope unless it's a size larger envelope. I think the cards are beautiful but I believe it's treated more as an art piece than a card.

Anyway, that's just my personal feelings on card-making. I guess it depends on what you'll do with the cards that determines how it should be created. Keep in mind when creating a card, if your intention is to send it to someone, be sure it'll fit into an envelope! Large ribbons, hardware such as metal tags, buckles, and other attachments, scrapbook pieces, and multiple layering bulks up a card.

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