Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Stamp Room is a Mess. . .Again!!

I can't believe how messy my stamp room got in the last two days! I just cleaned it 2 days ago. I was in limbo for a few days because workers were patching up my wall after installing another outdoor intercom system. By the way, I love our intercom system. We have an intercom in every room except the bathrooms and the closets. We installed a second one out in our patio. The builder botched up the first one and put it on the wrong end of the house next to our air conditioners. . .how stupid is that! Anyway, to smooth our feathers, they agreed to install a second one without charge. Whoohoo!

BUT. . .the wires ran through my stamp room walls! I had to remove my craft desk so they could work on it. After they were done, I cleaned up my room and it was all pretty. . .I then decided to head to the dollar store and buy a few items. . .a few items turned into a lot of items. I had no where to put them so I dumped them on the middle of my stamp room floor.

There's a lot of great things at the dollar store. I decided that one of my daily specials will be "dollar days". The plan is for me to use my imagination and create things with the dollar items I bought. I'll post whatever I come up with. Anyway, I need to return to my cleaning! Hopefully, I'll get my room cleaned up tonight!

Until later. . .

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