Friday, January 19, 2007

Daily Special - Technique Day 2

Today's daily special is "Technique Day" and coincidentally, my upline came over to my home to prepare for an upcoming stamp class we're conducting at a community center and one of the projects we'll be teaching is this simple box or baggy. There's a name to this technique but I need to ask my upline what it is.

Below is her sample of this box. It's really simple to create. Cursor down for the tutorial.

I decided to create one myself with a slight variation to the sample she demonstrated for me. The baggie is a little taller with a oval window to show the goodies inside.



  • Loving Heart stamp set
  • 8 1/2 x 11 paper or cardstock (my sample was made with regular computer paper)
  • Rose red dye ink
  • Coluzzle cutting system
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon
  • Snail adhesive
  • Scallop scissors (not pictured)
  • Circle punch or tag punch
  • Small cello bag containg candy or goodies
  • Pretty in pink cardstock

Randomly stamp the paper with the heart and small flower stamp using Rose red classic ink. Stamp the images in the "landscape" direction (8 1/2" side up)

Fold the long side of the paper in half but leave a 1/2 inch area at the top. See picture.

Fold the paper in half again still allowing a 1/2 flap at the top

Open up the folds and turn the paper horizontally and fold 1/3 of the paper.

Fold the 1/2 inch flap

Cut the edge of the 1/3 fold at a slight angle up the score or fold line. Snip off the 1/2 inch flap at the score or fold line. When the paper is opened up, there should be a "V" cut in between the folds as shown in the picture creating 4 flaps.

Cut your shape using the Coluzzle system or punch if possible. See photo.

Apply adhesive to the 1/2" flap on the stamped side

Apply adhesive to 1 to 3 of the cut flaps on the stamped side (when the baggy is assembled, these flaps will be the bottom of the box). Don't apply adhesive to the 4th flap because when the baggy is assembled, it'll be the outer flap (the outer bottom of the baggy).

Fold the flaps with the stamped side on the outside to create the bottom of the baggy. Fold #1 flap, fold #2 which will stick to #1 because of the adhesive, then fold #3. The 4th outer flap (outmost flap) is the flap without the adhesive.

Before folding the #4 flap and completing the bottom, tuck the 1/2" flap and stick to the inner portion of the baggy as shown in the picture

When assembled it should appear like a box with a flat bottom.

Add the candy to a small cello bag and insert into the baggy

Gather the top together with the corners together creating a gusset. Check to see if the top of the plastic bag filled with candy is in between the gathered top because you will be punching two holes through the baggy as well as the cello bag

Punch two holes to insert the ribbon and tie a bow with a tag attached. The ribbon holds the candy bag together.

To complete the baggy, cut the top with a scallop scissors
Whew! That was complicated. It's really hard to explain the technique in writing. I hope you understood the instructions and that the pictures helped.
Here are samples of the completed baggies. It's actually very simple to create, just difficult to explain without demonstrating in person. Try it out! Be creative. . .add a cute momento into the bag or staple the top together and add a card topper rather than a ribbon. Have fun creating!

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