Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Website Issues

Oh, my website is so tempermental. Each time I update the homepage, it resets my counter to zero so it looks like nobody looked at it. Very annoying. Today is sketch challenge day and I will be posting the sketch challenge sometime soon.

I don't know how to post a picture of a sketch drawing on to this blog. I know how to add a picture but how do I add a graphics? These technical glitches really makes me inefficient. I'm always stuck trying to figure things out and sometimes, it'll take me hours to do so. I wish I was a computer nerd.

I created a "daily blog special" which covers a special blog theme each day. Look at my sidebar to the right for the blog special for the day. I decided to do this to keep me focused. I tend to do 10 thngs at a time and never finish any of them.

Today (Wednesday) is Sketch Challenge day. I'm in the process creating a link to my sketch drawing. If I could just post it to my blog, it would be much easier but for now, the sketches will be linked to a file.

Until later. . .

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