Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Fixed Sketch Challenge Problem

To my subscribers, I fixed the glitches to my sketch challenge dilemma. My husband showed me the way to upload a graphic image. I wish I asked him sooner rather than trying to do it myself. It took me a few hours and I just could not figure it out. It took him a minute to show me how to do it. Funny because my husband runs the Western Region of a computer networking company. You would think I would ask him first before all else. Oh well so much for my unsuccessful effort to do it on my own.

Here is how you upload your own graphic image if you have a program that do not support jpeg, jpg, gif, or bmp. Copy the graphic image you created, paste it on to "Paint" located in your "accessories" section of your "start - all programs" section of your computer, save the file, and it'll up loadable as an image. Whoohoo!! That simple, believe it or not.

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